Sights on G20 for Deer and Hogs

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  1. Ok guys, I appreciate your help. I have researched this thing to death so I would no make a duplicate post, but just can get a good explanation on a couple of things.

    First thing is sight gap. I read somewhere you want to fill gap completely, and somewhere you need a little gap. I want to be able to shoot bulls at say 20 yards. I can't with factory sights, and I'm pretty good with iron sights so I'm just wondering will better sights help.

    Next question. I don't know if I should go night sights or standard? I feel like night sights are a better dual purpose, reason for anything. But are their night sights that can be good target sights, or am I jut asking to much?

    Also can you reccomend. I see a lot of suggestions for Dawson, so I was wondering about the blade width I asked about above. Other choice would be TRUGLO TFO'S but are they going to be very accurate? Thanks.

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  3. Light around the front sight makes it easier to pick out, but seems to make it a bit less precise. Trouble is, good sights are nice, but they don't really make the gun shoot any straighter. Mostly just let you shoot it better in lighting and at speeds that poorer sights don't work well at. If the sights aren't zeroed properly, getting them right will help no matter what.

    Anyway, the Dawsons are nice. I like the fiber optic front sight personally, and just blacked out the stock rear with a Sharpie. Their Perfect Impact set is neat, they will work with you until you get the right POI.

  4. TFO's baby!


    This is a hunting gun for me, there are a number of excellent sights out there, I went with these cause they offered the best balance in what I required.

    Where this a PD firearm, I may have went different..

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    Lovin my Trijicon HD sights for everything. Slowly putting them on all my guns!
  6. Dawson
  7. So which Dawson's? And how is the blade to notch size on the TFO'S
  8. sorry dupe
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  9. So u think adjustable is better? I figured I could get a fixed set that would shoot POA
  10. If your really serious about making your g a hog/deer gun I'd think very serious about some sort of RMR. My 20 wears adjustable night sights and I'm pretty sure for the reason I have the gun there totally perfect. I personally think RMR's on a personal defense weapon is a waste for 90% of people. Same with lasers. But I think for precise shots where speed is not hyper critical a Rmr might be perfect for your application. I've got a Rmr on a ruger .44mag and its really helped with precise shooting.
  11. Well I don't want it as designated hog gun. Just want to be able to make a good shot if possible.
  12. Question. I see Dawson has tritium sights to. Do they look the same as their regular sights during the day? Don't know if that makes sense?
  13. nickE10mm

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    My PERSONAL preference is to have the narrowest front sight possible. Also, I MUCH prefer a fiber optic front sight to a night sight.... Honestly, I went through all the same questions as you are now, years back. My FAR preference in a field, hunting, target or range gun is a good, narrow FO front sight and a black adjustable rear (bomar style). On a CCW, night sights are okay... but even still, I probably wont be needing sights when the SHTF cause it would be only 1-5y away).

    As was said earlier, the sights won't make you a better shot, but they will make it easier on ya!

    Also, YES, an RMR is the ideal setup for hunting (moreso that defense, IMHO) but is VERY expensive when done right. If money was no object, I'd get a melted RMR, yes. No question.
  14. Alright, here is a pic of the Dawson FO front and a blacked out G20 rear. It is the .105? wide sight, but they all have the same size FO rod, I think. The light on the sides make it easier to find the front sight faster, but with so much space out there it is more difficult to see slight differences in sight alignment. When there is only a tiny sliver of light on each side, it is obvious when you are dead center, but it can be hard to get there when the light isn't right or you are trying to get on poorly lit or dark colored target. -Edit- The picture is taken on an overcast day in semi-shadow, so gives pretty a pretty good idea of how bright the Dawson FO rod is.

    I considered buying the tritium, but prefer the glow of fiber optics during the day to just a white dot. If you were shooting in dense blackness against a small target, you may have a slightly better hit probability, but I think that is the only time where tritium would be of any advantage. Against a lit target in the dark, even black sights are silhouetted just fine. I like the idea of the TFOs, but haven't bothered with them due to the lack of different sight heights to properly sight in.
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  15. Thanks so much. That was a lot of great information to take in. I really like the fiber optic. That's why I considered the TFO'S. I just want the best sight picture I can get. TFO'S are great I know as a defense sight, but I like to target shoot to and don't know if they are crisp enough.
  16. I have used Dawson FO sights on almost all of my pistols. The green FO is nice, but for me the red really pops! For me, if it was dark enough to need nightsights, it was too dark to really see the target. The FO sites work just fine even at dusk.
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    +100 yep
  18. for day and night shooting, i prefer the amerigle hackathorn sights. at night, its a standard night sight, daytime has an orange ring around the tritium insert that really pops in the light. at dusk and dawn conditions they are like normal iron sights though. hard to see either option in somewhat low light. these are what i have on all of my glocks with the exception of my 26 but only because i havent picked up another set yet.
  19. these look pretty cool. do yall see any disadvantages to these over Dawson's
  20. the newest versions coming out are milled just slightly different to allow you to recharge the gun on a strong belt one handed for what thats worth. i have had them on my 17, 23, and 35. i havent tried to hunt with them out in the woods but they are pretty quick on target for me in IDPA. i prefer the plain rear as 3 dots can be distracting imho when trying too hard to line them up right instead of just see orange dot, press trigger.

    i had debated the TFO idea as well as i think its about right, at least in theory. but i have also heard several complaints about the fibers getting messed up with common solvents. lots of people seem to love them but that was my thoughts going with these sights. i was originally thinking of a wide 10-8 style rear sight with a tfo front but decided i would give the hackathorns a try and am glad i did
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