SIG SP2022, who likes it?

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  1. I know several people who have the 9mm version. Best deal out there today. Same price as the Ruger SR9, SR40, SR40c, & SR9c series but a better pistol IMO. My friend who owns a gun shop buys them by the hundreds and can't keep them in stock. Don't know anyone who has a .40 because it is a high pressured round so people I know go either 9mm or 45acp. I say why not get a Sig for $399. You can't go wrong. They seem great and are a couple ounces lighter than a P-229. Best of luck.

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  2. I see that Sig has released some in the US with threaded barrels, but most of the places I see want like $570 for them.

  3. I like mine a lot, to me it matches the reliability and ergonomics of the original P-series Sigs but costs less than a glock.
  4. I have a 2340 in .40. My favorite of three .40s I own.

    Do yourself a favor and go to,

    and look at the pressure maximums. The .40 works at the same pressure as the 9mm. In facth the 9mm+P is higher than the .40.

    The ".40 is a higher pressure round" is simply an internet and guncounter Canard.
  5. i really like the trigger on the Sp2022 better than most DA/SA polymer handguns that and i do have a soft spot for SIG

    if you can snag one for a good price might as well get it
  6. OJ.

    OJ. N.E. Ohio Glock

    I have both the 40 & 9mm, great guns and round out a collection nicely.


    I've had it's predecessor, the 2009, since 2004. Very good, very rugged pistol.

  8. [​IMG]

    I just got a Galco Silhouette for the Springfield XD that fits my SP2022 with 1913 rail. The thumbbreak was tough to get snapped, but it stretched a bit and is fine now. The holster also fits my P228 & G-23.
  9. Those Galco's are great. I have a different model that can be fit to about 3 of my guns.
  10. Just got mine...awesome feel easy strip and cheaper ammo (9mm) its a great gun from what I've heard.
  11. Palmetto State Armory has .40s in stock for $389.
  12. I have one and I love it- one of the best triggers I have shot "out-of-the-box."

    I bought mine for $466 at a local gunshow - not to shabby.

    as far as holsters go- any Springfield XD holsters will fit perfectly (exept the XDS) - I got a Galco Kingtuk IWB for an XD - fits perfect. also I have a Versacarry which will fit any 9mm - so it works well in that too. - a sptringfield paddle holster will fit too. you can also buy a sig holster to fit the actual weapon if you want I know they do make them.

    **also - you can easily modify a Beretta M9/92 magazine for this by filing the mag catch hole on the magazine down a little bit - a very cheap alternative for the expensive Sig mags- the downside to this is a little bit of the mag sticks out of the bottom of the handle - but, if using for the range or a "survival" situation, I can deal with it. always nice to have a spare mag or (2) of 15 rounds/each - plus you can pick up a Berretta mag for a 3rd or Quarter of the price as the Sig mags- like $10-$15 instead of $40-$50 for the Sig Mag.
  13. Hye Tyde

    Hye Tyde longboarder

    I love mine it's 9mm, great value. It's my 1st Sig.

    It's happiest when cleaned/lubed every 200 rounds. I do that anyway, but you know how Glocks are, yo can almost forget to clean them.

    The only gripe, and you've heard it already is the price of the magazines, around $30!
  14. I like my 2022 in 9mm. Did take a bit of racking the slide and firing to make it reliable as mine had tight frame to slide fit. But now fine.

    Sig is regulated for what they call a "combat" sight picture where you cover the target completely with front sight. Naturally holding a sight picture off top of front sight results in low hit.

    I replaced #8 rear with a #10 from CDNN. This raised point of impact, but may still be about inch or so low at 25 yards or it may be me. And the rear sight is in tight. I had to buy MGW sight pusher to remove and install new rear sight.

    Mine cost $370 plus tax and transfer fee. So under $400 out the door and price included frame mounted laser. Only came with one mag, but I got some more on special with CDNN, before the madness, for just under $34 each in hand. I am happy camper.
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  15. I rarely miss a gun when sold but I did miss my 2022 so I just bought another, in 357 Sig though. So far, only 275 rounds but flawless out of the box. So hard to come by ammo, even 357 Sig ammo now. Very soft shooter with the 357 ammo compared to my old G23 with the 357 barrel.
  16. jakebrake

    jakebrake cracker

    i had one in 9. it was a great shooter. for me, it was a tad small. (overall size)

    but it behaved very well.
  17. Classic Sig quality at a Glock price, what's not to like?
  18. I've never heard this before. I've had my 2022 for about a month, working on my grip, stance, etc. My last range trip had me shooting about 3 inches low. I've been having a difficult time figuring out why since I was working hard to control my trigger pull. I wonder if this might be the issue.
  19. Check this one out!

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