Sig Sauer Won't Give Left Handed Officers a Break

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by tag_heuer, May 25, 2012.

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    I don't care about the size of the caliber. The point of the post was to say why are left handed shooter hated by Sig. The customer service lady in LE I spoke to told me to pound sand pretty much. I love their guns. I personally carry a G21 on duty, but I still love Sigs.

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  2. razdog76

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    The simple answer is that lefties don't shoot right.:supergrin:

    I could never understand why they did not marry some of the great features of their guns with innovations other companies came up with in the last 20 years... they seem to be behind the times on many of their products.

    I enjoy the Sigs too, and own two right now.

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  3. txleapd

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    God forbid someone ask a clarifying question.... Right?

    Your comment to me added nothing to the conversation, and provided no help to the OP either, did it?

    I seem to have missed you addressing the other posts questioning why the OP has chosen a .380 platform, when that wasn't his question either. I guess I'm just special, to warrant your attention.....
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    Doesn't it feel good to be special? :tongueout:
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    That must explain the short bus that keeps stopping in front of my house each morning... :whistling:
  6. And point out that in less than 2 days, this message has reached over 500 readers on a single thread. This will have no doubt influenced many officers who may have decided to take their hard earned money to another manufacturer.:dunno:
  7. I never knew they Han a ambi kit for the 238. Interesting and heartbreaking at the same time. Now I know it exists and is a pain to obtain.

    Kinda like my experience wit HK. not kinda but exactly. Same thing for me trying to get a comPact from V1 to V2.
  8. Cochese

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    1. The JBT's

    I once converted a USP from variant 3 or 4 to 9 while it was in a box of parts in the passenger seat of my patrol car between calls. :rofl:

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    HK really, really, really hates you.:supergrin:
  10. Cochese

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    1. The JBT's

    Indeed they do. I was carrying a Glock at the time and sold the HK to some guy. I still have an HK hat though.


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  11. I've never seen a company so anti-customer service as Sig. I've been following Emily Miller, a columnist for the Washington Times who documented her steps in buying and registering a handgun in DC. She chose a P226 to buy but couldn't find a new one with 10-round magazines. She contacted Sig customer service and knowing that she was writing an article that was being followed by thousands of gun owners and the NRA, they basically told her "too bad so sad." Finally she was contacted by a FFL who took the new 15 rounders from the box and put in 10 round mags from his own stock.

    Personally I would have chosen a different gun if that was the response I got.
  12. Sig runs sort of like HK, in that they hate you. Unfortunetely for Sig, they will never fall into the catagory of "cool" that HK does. My P229 was that last new Sig I will buy on purpose and the way that pistol worked out for me, I wouldn't wipe my ass with one.

    (with the exception of a German P228/M11, which I keep watching for)
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  13. My error. I was still waking up when I typed that. It's a decocking lever, not a safety. It was located on the left side of the frame and pretty much impossible for me to decock the gun with my left hand.
  14. Someone brought up a good point that if this is a backup then you should be carrying it on your weak side so you will shoot it with your right hand. If your so set on 238 give it a try for a BUG.
  15. On a 1911 style gun carried cocked and ready to go and that i dont believe has a backstrap safety not carry it safety off. (im assuming as close to people say these are to the old colt mustangs that they have essentially the same features and I know when i owned a colt mustang id never carry it safety off lol)
  16. apparently they honestly dont care about bad press/publicity.
  17. Cochese

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    1. The JBT's


    My pro and EMP both came with ambi safety but I carry the pro strong side (lefty) only and the EMP both. Sometimes in a strong side belt or paddle holster, and some days in a Desantis pocket holster in my weak front pocket or weak cargo.

    The 238 was always weak side.

  18. I was going to see if there were any more. I know a collector that wants one with the slide mounted safety.
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    I believe this subject has been covered in the first page. Thanks.

    They're coming out of the woodwork for me, aren't they? It must be my new cologne.
  20. It's okay. I <3 you.:supergrin:

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