Sig Sauer Won't Give Left Handed Officers a Break

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by tag_heuer, May 25, 2012.

  1. tag_heuer

    tag_heuer Member

    I tried to purchase a P238 today from Sig Sauer with the individual officer program. They wont give me the law enforcement pricing for the gun with the ambi safety on it. I have to pay full price for the cheapest model with the ambi's. Thats a difference of nearly $167.

    I was told I could buy the gun, wait the 90 or so days for it to arrive from Sig and then ship the gun back to them at my cost and then have to pay $120 to have an ambi safety installed.

    So I guess my question would be, does any one know how to get the safety at a reasonable price? Then, why does Sig hate us left handed officers? WTF

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  3. Cause your a lefty. Thats why.....

    I can't answer your question. Cochese will be along shortly because he has a P238.

  4. razdog76

    razdog76 Heavy Mettle

    I hate to chastise you on what might be your favorite BUG, but the p238 was based on an fairly unreliable, minimal caliber gun, and hasn't been able to improve upon it from what I have seen.

    Why not buy one of the many, more reliable, less expensive, guns chambered in a (cheaper to shoot) standard duty caliber?
  5. Write the CEO a letter and politely ask why the discrepancy in pricing.

    Other than that, all I can offer is to look around and buy a used one cheap and have the safety installed equal to the discounted price or less.
  6. Bullman

    Bullman Deranged Deputy

    It has been my experience that Sig's customer service just doesn't give a ****. I have used several companies customer service and have always been treated good, except for Sig. That is why I don't have any.
  7. collim1

    collim1 Shower Time!

    Thats surprising. Sig has bent over backwards for our agency since they started supplying our sidearms in the early 90's. I bought two personal Sigs and reccomended one to my father just based on the positive experience with our duty guns.

    I would think a phone call should clear this up.

    BTW the P238 is the gun my dad bought and I was very impressed with it. I prefer jframes for pocket/BUGs but the P238 shoots like a much bigger gun. It has also been 100% reliable.
  8. Do you use safety lever on your gun SO MUCH that you really need a ambidextrous selector installed? Just curious.
  9. txleapd

    txleapd Hook 'Em Up

    Can't you just leave the safety off?
  10. Unless the weapon is left in condition zero [unloaded chamber], having a disengaged or removed safety on a 1911 style single action auto pistol used as a BUG is a poor idea.
  11. Why are you wasting your time on a .380? You can find 9mm pistols of similar size all over the place. Hell, some .40 cal guns are close in sixe to .380 guns. If small size is that important to you get a .22 or .25. This is just me but I think .380 is getting pretty useless these days.
  12. Sig is so unfriendly to LH shooters that I don't even consider them anymore. I tried very hard to find a Sig with an ambi safety and had no luck at all. I even bought a Sig Pro SP2340 with the RH safety and ended up selling it almost immediately because it was so awkward to use left handed. I can run guns with RH mag releases and slide stops without trouble. In fact, that's pretty much the way all of my guns are set up. These days I stick with Glocks and Smith & Wesson M&Ps.
  13. How did you come across a SiG P2340 with a safety?
  14. txleapd

    txleapd Hook 'Em Up

    My mistake. I didn't know it was a 1911 style pistol.
  15. Not the point. It is what he wants to do with the designated part that is to be used as a safety.
  16. txleapd

    txleapd Hook 'Em Up

    Thanks for clearing that up. :eyebrow:
  17. Cochese

    Cochese Most mackinest
    1. The JBT's

    I just sold my P238.

    I'm a lefty, but I'm a true ambi shooter. The P238 was carried on my off side (right) so it wasn't an issue for me to have a single sided safety.

    All that said, look at the P938. Only a little bigger, and it is 9mm instead of .380...
  18. I didn't mean it in a negative tone, just saying that answer didn't help his problem.
  19. razdog76

    razdog76 Heavy Mettle

    I believe a run of guns were made with an ambi safety on the slide (3rd gen S&W style) for some South American country. :supergrin:
  20. Don't worry, I had to make certain that it was the Colt Mustang clone and not the P230/232 myself.
  21. I knew some exist in some far-away land, but I have never seen one at a local dealer and he is a SiG fanatic.

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