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  1. Has anyone attended or know someone who has; was it a good program and worth the money and time? Anyone have any feedback in general about the program or have another training program they'd suggest for defensive pistol training. I live in Vermont so Epping NH is not a big deal in terms of travel, I can't be driving very far from Vermont.
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  3. Heres the link for those just reading about it:

  4. A friend of mine who lives in NH took the basic 3 day pistol course and liked it - teachers were good, as was the facility. They get good guest instructors too; Jeff Gonzales, John Farnam, Steve Tarani.

    Another excellent resource right near there is:

    ...they get an embarrassment of training riches there: Southnarc, Randy Cain, Larry Vickers, Scott Reitz, Awerbuck IIRC.

    If I lived nearby, I'd be training 6 weekends a year without fail.
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  5. Thanks for the feedback, and link.

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