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  1. I purchased a Sig Sauer M11-A1 yesterday. It's an excellent sidearm and the short reset trigger is amazing. All my research says that any P229 (no rail) holster will fit the M11-A1. Can anyone confirm this? As nice as the gun is if I can't get a holster for it it's worthless. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Should work fine for it, since that's what it is. I love my P229R, it's my daily carry gun. If an M11-A1 was on the shelf when I went to Cabela's it would have for sure gone home with me that day. What do you prefer, OWB or IWB? I have said it before in here but you need to buy a Remora 10ART model, and check it out. $25 can't be better spent for such a simple, effective holster. I love mine, and I have not liked IWB at all, ever.

  4. Thanks for the I do and the tip. I'll be sure to check that holster out. I was looking for both AIWB & OWB anyway.

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