Sig barrel wear

Discussion in 'The Sig Sauer Club' started by Andy W, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Why is it that just about all the used Sigs I encounter, including my recently purchased 226, have so much wear on the outside of the barrel?I've never seen any other brand of firearm that has so much finish worn off the barrel. Does Sig have tighter tolerances? Other brands have the same locking mechanism but you don't see near as much finish wear on top and bottom of the barrel.

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  3. Not sure myself but it doesn't affect function , reliability or dependability. I sure don't see it as an early sign of premature wear, or a weakness of the system. Probably just a thinner finish / less metal penetration ? Dunno. Loving my two Sigs. Soon (tomorrow) to be three. :)

  4. Here are a few pics to illustrate what I'm talking about.
    Top view:
    Top again:

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    I've never barrel wear this extensive on another brand. A lot of used Sigs look like this, granted I think if you keep them lubed properly, they probably won't wear quite as much. I have my suspicions the previous owner never really cleaned or oiled it, at least not how you are supposed to. I'm not worried about it. Sigs are pretty resilient and this one seems to work fine but it is an interesting thing to see nonetheless.
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  5. That is extensive. More aesthetic than a functional concern but it does really contrast against the remaining finish.
  6. that looks to me like a huge amount of wear for a SiG...does your SiG have a braided recoil spring???...perhaps the marks on a SiG barrel are from the recoil spring being braided instead of a regular coil spring...

    ...I will say that my P245 has a flat recoil spring and the wear on the barrel is similar to the wear on my braided spring SiG barrels... might have something with lube as well...anywhere metal meets metal, needs some kind of lube...with all the reports of people buying pistols and then doing their own reliability reports (no cleaning, no lube, over pressure cartridges) I've always wondered...who buys these pistols when the tester is done with it???

  7. Yes it does have the braided recoil spring but I don't think that would be a major contribution to this. Right now it just appears to be an aesthetic concern as said before. I really hope it wasn't originally a .40 and some bubba dropped a 9mm barrel in it to "convert it" to 9mm.

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  8. None of my SIGs have that much wear on the barrel. I have a couple fairly high-mileage ones that don't look that bad. Maybe the hood on the slide needs to be polished a bit where it rides on the barrel?
  9. You probably do routine cleaning and maintenance on all yours right? I'm pretty sure some bubba had it before and didn't maintain it well. Apparently when the dealer got it in, the mag release was switched to left hand use but it wasn't installed properly. One of the staff members is a Sig armorer so he switched it back to the original configuration and also went through the weapon and made sure nothing was futzed up.

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  10. That's from the barrel sliding thru the slide. Its on top and bottom. Our Dept. Guns at our annual inspections showed barrel wear. Not quite that much, but some were close to that. Just make sure to grease the outer barrel and inside the end of the slide. I'm sure you wont have any problems. We never did.
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  11. That's completely normal, with Sigs it helps tremendously if you use a grease like "Slide Glide" especially if you going to be doing some extensive range shooting say 250 rounds + per session.
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    Btw guys here is a pic of my 226.


    And here's what I can do with it at 10 yards without practicing for over a month.

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  13. Nice shooting
  14. Thanks! You know, I think this puts to rest any concerns over damage being done to the weapon.

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