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Sig 1911 tight chamber:

Discussion in 'The Sig Sauer Club' started by babarracing, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. I have a 2007 Sig GSR with Commander length slide. I am pretty sure I have a really tight chambered barrel. Can't fire 0.452 230Gr rnl in Federal cases. Failure to go into Lock, By anywhere from .020 to 0.200. Anybody know of any tight chamber issues on 1911's back in mid 2007.
  2. Cobra64

    Cobra64 Deals in Facts

    Not that I've read on Sig Forum. You might want to post your question there. :)

  3. MSgt Dotson

    MSgt Dotson

    Sep 30, 2006
    .02" could be caused by having too much bullet engaging the chamber ledge or rifling...possibly too long of COL for that bullet....; does the bullet have a shoulder? any amount of full profile bullet above the csemouth?

    But .2"? You'd have to be bulging the cases...

    WHat is your case mouth measurement? current COL?
  4. Sarge I was F/O/S about the .200 it was about 0.020 and it was shaved lead at 0.4738 with chamber slugged at 0.474 NM match min spec. No sweat had armorer ream it out to same size as my SIG P220C3 chamber slugged out to. As when I moved those same rounds immediately into my P220C3 DA/SA they went bang. I cant afford to practice near enuff with Golden Sabre's, Win XDP and Short brl Gold dots. Gotta fire a lot of 230Gr LRN at about 830FPS or so.:rofl:
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2010