Show me your AR in FDE!

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Made in Austria, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. I just love to look at a AR 15 in FDE. It really makes my mouth water, so as Magpul accessories.

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  3. The taupe SR-15 is a sexy rifle.

  4. Oh yes, it is!
  5. There is a ar pic thread stickied up top, have fun.

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  6. 4 posts & no pics? Sad....:supergrin:
  7. I know, I already checked out the entire thread, I have also seen all the FDE rifles which come up on google images. I just can't get enough.
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  8. Not all of us live in a sandbox! I prefer Foliage and OD
  9. Just finished this mid-length:


    I went with Spike's stripped upper and lower, Daniel Defense CHF barrel and guts, and Osprey Defense piston kit. Shoots like a dream.
  10. Two very nice rifles so far!

    I am also in the process of two AR builds. Vltor MUR 1 uppers, Daniel Defense CHF barrels, BCM BCG and Magpul FDE furniture of course, but different stocks and handguard sizes.
  11. XDRoX

    Nice. Which one did you build first? I like how you have some less expensive parts on the top one and more expensive parts on the bottom one. Very curious if you were like, a little cheaper is all you need. Or if you were like, I'm going to spend a little more and it's worth it.

    Oh, and what length are those barrels?
  12. UDE for the win!
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  13. Ahhh, I love those FDE EOtech sights.
  14. The bottom was built about three years ago and the top one built just last year. The bottom M4 has a 14.5" CMMG SOCOM barrel with a permanent Phantom 5C2 FH. It has a C.M.T.S "USMC" lower receiver. The top on has a Quentin Defense 14.5" M4 profile barrel with a permanent Extended A2 FH. It also has a Quentin Defense billett upper and billett "USMC" lower receiver.

    As far as determining what went one each AR, I had a plan and a list of items I wanted on each. None of my ARs are the same.
  15. Thanks for the awesome pics so far! I really like that UDE.
  16. FTR, I think different color ARs are gay.

    But anyway, here's mine:


  17. I like this a lot.

    Can you tell me what optic that is?

    Also, who makes the sling?
  18. Both are PSA uppers and lowers.

    14.7" has YHM Diamond Rail and 16" has Magpul MOE handguard.


  19. DJ Niner


  20. TangoFoxtrot

    TangoFoxtrot OIF 04-05


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