Shoulder holsters should be outlawed

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Just1More, Nov 27, 2011.

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  1. Shoulder holsters should be outlawed....They automatically break the gun safety rule of keeping the barrel pointed in a safe direction.

    Would you feel comfortable staring down the barrel of a gun while standing in the grocery line? I wouldn't.

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  2. Travclem

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    So you never go upstairs when carrying in a belt holster?

  3. IGotIt

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    pun intended or not?
  4. Let's be realistic here. As a responsible gun owner, you should not use a rig that points the barrel at other people ALL DAY.

    This is life, not Miami Vice....
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  5. Travclem

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    Let's be realistic, that gun will NEVER go off in the holster. "Outlaw this, outlaw that" starting to sound a little liberal eh? If you don't like them, don't carry one.
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  6. Maybe. But it will when you draw it with your finger on the trigger. Happens all the time with belt holsters. Google "Glock Leg".
  7. Travclem

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    See my posts earlier in the thread. Sound to me like that's a training/conditioning issue rather than a holster issue. Drawing with your finger on the trigger?:dunno:
  8. True, but guns often go off being removed from holsters (well, often as far as ND's are concerned, not literally often). Would you want you wife or child standing behind you when that happened? Or would you rather the bullet grazed your leg on the way into the ground? Shoulder holsters greatly increase the odds that the barrel is pointed where it shouldn't be in the rare case something goes wrong.
  9. Travclem

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    Like I said it's a conditioning issue. I have no problems with shoulder holsters and wear one frequently when driving or riding my motorcycle. Guns don't just "go off" they are shot by someone who pulls the trigger.
  10. You either respect gun safety rules, or you don't.
  11. RetDet

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    I have a Miami Classic for a G21 and never use it. It presents the grip area of the handgun to most assailant's strong hand. It forces you to sweep a wide area of the general populace, but a smaller area of your assailant. Finally, it requires two hands to re-holster, which is not a good idea.

    Nonetheless, for driving, etc, some form of cross-draw is desirable.
  12. What's your issue with two handed holstering?
  13. RetDet

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    I've always been taught that you need to be able to holster without looking at the holster and with one hand. This keeps your eye on the situation, and leaves a hand free to deploy gas, taser, or whatever. I'd prefer to keep that option open than use something I don't like in the first place and have it more or less take me out of the fight to put my pistol away.
  14. HerrGlock

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    Few thousand military pilots. Just about all of them use a shoulder holster. They have since I joined aviation, 1989. Probably literally millions of hours with loaded 9mm in shoulder holsters.

    How many people have been shot by one of them while the gun was in the holster or going in or coming out?

    Your comfort is not a basis for creating laws otherwise guns would be outlawed entirely.
  15. Gun in a proper holster is perfectly safe. The gun in the shoulder holster is no more likely to go off then one on the belt.

    With a shoulder holster you do have to be very cognizant of where the barrel is pointed when drawing or holstering.
  16. I'm not comfortable with a person wearing a shoulder holster in front of me. It makes me uneasy. I don't think there needs to be a law to outlaw this, unless you can point me to the rash of instances where this has been an issue.
  17. People who want to ban things should be banned.
  18. Wow, lots of safety sally nervous nelly's in this thread. What other emotionally driven, irrational fears do you guys have?

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  19. Fumble

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    Then don't wear a shoulder holster.

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