Should the money to power gained ratio be different?

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  1. I was just thinking that the more money you spend on a weapon or shield, the more you should be rewarded in power. Right now it does not matter whether or not you spend all of your money on swords or clusterbombs because they are all a 1:2 power to money ratio. For example, if I have 640 gold and buy one cluster bomb, I would gain the same power if I bought just a crap load of swords with that money. The ratio is the same for everything except for the glock 21 which is a 1:3 ratio. So should one get a better ratio for spending more money?
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    Yes but you do not gain anything just buying weapons. If you don't have the soldiers to use them, then they are useless.

    If you buy 10 Bows with power of 40 you get 400 extra points. If you buy 10 swords at 20 power you only get 200 extra offensive points.

    If you buy 50 swords and still only have 10 soldiers you still only get 200 extra offensive points. Cause you only use the same amount of weapons vs soldiers.

    Buying extra does nothing but stockpile said weapon or armor.

  4. yea i realized that about 2 hours after i wrote that post. for some reason, when i spied on someone, i thought it said they had 11 soldiers and 15 of them were armed. But i was wrong.


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