Should I switch from G26 to G19 for CCW?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by JDSilva87, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Two Guns

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    I would keep the 26 and save up for a 19. You already know you can shoot and conceal the 26 good. Make sure when you get your holster that you get one for the 19 and the 26 will also work in it.

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  2. J_P


    I would'nt trade that baby glock away, I have a G17, G19 and hope to add the G26 someday. I would recommend not trading any guns away for anything other then money. Ive been there done that......... you will be kicking yourself later.

  3. I went straight from the 26 to 30 and never looked back. I found the 30 is almost as easy to conceal IWB and throws a much better round.
  4. It isn't any harder for me to conceal. I can't shoot the G26 well without an extention, which ends up making the grip, the hardest part to conceal, just as big as the G19. But you loose 3-5 rounds, and get a shorter sight radius. Now if you can shoot the G26 bare, with no extention, then it is a bit smaller, but I have no problem concealing my G19. I would say that the G19 makes a better nightstand gun as you can mount a tac-light on the front, which is a requirement for me. Either way, they will work just fine for whatever you plan to do with them. If you want to trade, it sounds like a good deal, but I would save up and buy a G19 when you get the chance.

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    The G19 is just right....for many
  6. Gen2 is more desirable (19) than the current gen4 imo. A police trade in with 7 mags sounds like a steal if all you are doing is trading a 26 for it. In my department 19's are for detectives. They get shot only once a year during qualification and never see the abuse the partol 17's see. I'm not far from your size and conceal a 23c easily. I think you are crazy if you don't make a trade. The 19 is much easier to shoot accurately also. I've had and sold both a 26 and 27. Too much of a compromise in controllability for me just to have a smaller gun.
  7. My three Glocks. G26 on a G19 on a G34. As you can see the G26 with 2x extender is still smaller than the G19. I started carrying with the 19 and went to the 26, have never looked back. Go with what feels and shoots best for you.

  8. M24C

    I've got the 26, 17, 22 and the 24. I'm a little bigger than you all in the cross breed super tuck. The butt are the same size, but the 26 gives me the most flexibility with pocket carry and ankle carry, I can't get with the bigger guns. The reason I will carry the 24 is because I shoot it the best. Since you shoot it good with the 26. I would keep it and plan for your next purchase. Good luck in your search!
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  9. The g19 he is wanting to trade me looks barely used. It actually has 10 mags not 7. The thing I would hate to do is to trade, find that. Wanted something a little smaller then end up buying another subcompact glock.

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  10. This is the pic

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  11. If you did the trade and didn't like the 19 for CCW, you could easily sell it and put the money toward another 26.

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  12. redbaron007

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    Well, you will not conceal the G19 any better than the G26. If you want more of a pocket carry gun, save some $$$ and buy one of the smaller mouse guns.....shoot'm before you buy one though; but keep your G26. Then after you have your pocket gun, at that time if you think a G19 is something you want to carry, then go for it, trade your G26.

    JMHO, I think you will regret trading the G26 for the G19, in your circumstances. But to each their own.


  13. If I was getting a 9mm the only one I'd want more than this is a 19C. Frankly I wouldn't hesitate to do the trade.
  14. Bruce M

    I like the G26 more than the G19, but that's just me. At the least though I would think that getting a G19 magazine with the grip sleeve before trading guns might be appropriate and possibly save you some money. Another consideration is that some people here have reported shotting the G26 better than bigger versions.
  15. I'm in the "keep the 26" camp. I have both and primarily carry the 26 with a 12 round mag and G19 mag backup in a Crossbreed holster. My experience is any holster for the 19 will fit the 26, but not vice-versa if the holster is closed at bottom.

    Good luck!

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  16. TTex

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    Carry the 26, buy the 19 later and put it in the nightstand, and then the pocket gun if you want that.

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  18. I have both a 26 and 19 as well as a P3AT for pocket carry.

    I carry the 26 more than the 19. Although since I have switched to AIWB the 19 gets more carry time now. It's actually pretty easy to conceal up front.

    I went down the exact same road as you. Bought the 26 first. Bought the 19 because, well, if you like Glocks you kinda have to have one. And then the .380 for pocket carry. I never carry the .380. The more I read, the more I wanted to be sure to have a more potent caliber if the time came to use it and I found I just wasn't comfortable with the .380. In no way am I trying to start a caliber war here...just sharing my personal experience/opinion.

    I will be selling the P3AT to fund either a 442/642 or 9 Shield. More than likely the Shield. With a good, tuckable, AIWB holster I'll be able to conceal that just as well as the micro-gun in my pocket in addition to having a more powerful caliber.

    As far as the trade goes. If you can only have one gun for now, I'd stick with the 26 as it will be easier to conceal. However, the trade is definitely in your favor dollar-wise. Heck, the 10 mags alone are better than half the value of your 26.
  19. Just keep in mind that you can always get another 26. A gen2 19 that appears as good as I assume that one is from the picture is not something you might find again in the future especially this cheap.
  20. A gen4 glock 26 for a gen 2 glock 19? Bad trade. I have a gen 3 19 and just got a gen 3 26 because I wanted something to fill the gap between a near full size and a pocket 9mm. I carry them both depending on the weather. Overall for an EDC, the g26 is more comfortable and concealable, especially without a mag extension.


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