Should I switch from G26 to G19 for CCW?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by JDSilva87, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. I recently went through the conceal license training course and applied for my conceal permit. The only gun I own is a Gen 4 G26. I got some training with it and I shoot it great.

    I bought it for a CCW and a nightstand gun. I've been torn on getting a G19 since before I even bought this G26. I love how balanced and how well the G19 shoots. It just feels much more natural for me.

    I'm haven't gotten my license in the mail yet and haven't ordered a holster or anything like that. I recently received an offer for a even trade for a 2nd Gen G19 police trade in with 7 mags FFL.

    Do you think I should go for the trade? In general how much more difficult is it to conceal a G19 than a G26? I'm 5' 7" 155lbs. I'm really worried that the G19 will print on me and dont think I will have a problem with the G26.

    I was thinking about just waiting for my license to come in and buy a G19 mag to see how much difference it would make.

    BTW I'm looking at a Crossbreed Supertuck IWB. What are your opinions on that setup for either a G26 or a G19?


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  3. redbaron007

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    I carry my G26 better concealed than I do my G32 (same size as the G19).

    IMHO, I would stick with the G26 for CCW and save your money to buy the G19 or other pistola later. You will not CCW the G19 better than the G26. The G19 is a good firearm, but between the two, the G26 is easier to CCW than G19.

    Good Luck & Welcome to the world of Carrying!!



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  4. My other question that I've been tossing around is should my next gun be a pocket .380 like the LCP or a G19? The G19 doesn't do much that the 26 can't. So it's hard for me to justify dropping a lot of money on such a similar gun when I could use a niche for having a pocket pistols like when I'm just running outside to take out my garbage or walk my dogs or something like that I know I'm not going to switch pants, put on my IWB holster and then go out.
  5. I had a 26 and got rid of it. The grip was too small for me to easily get out of IWB holsters. I did try the extended mag but it pinched my skin due to a gap, and just seemed to be a kludge. I have big hands and I was not liking the 2 finger hold for my primary gun. I traded it in for the 19 and I am much happier. The grip is an inch or so longer I can get all my fingers on it and it holds more rounds as well. I have tried the super tuck and it's a nice holster if you like the style. I just found it too long horizontally. I went to the N82 and I like it so well I use it for my other handguns as well.

    I am adding a pocket pistol. I am not sure which one. I am looking at the XDs , LCP/LCR, Bursa and Kahr. I want a true pocket pistol. This is for the times I don't want to or cannot wear looser shirts, a jacket etc. I want to carry it in a pocket wallet.

    I just don't think one gun is perfect....that is what I hoped to do with the 26. Now that I have carried awhile the 2 gun solution for myself will be best. It also gives me the option to carry both as a BUG. Sure you can carry a spare mag for the 26 if needed , but a BUG gives you another gun in the event of catastrophic failure. Also, the BUG can be given to a spouse or someone else if need be.

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  6. redbaron007

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    That my friend is a personal question you can answer. However, I have purchased my firearms looking to the future. Step one was getting 'X'; then my next step is getting 'Y', then I want this type of firearm.....all having different needs.

    The next gun I am wanting to purchase is the G20 (10mm...should had it last year, but the sweet spouse found the stash and ruined that purchase :supergrin:); then I want a 1911, not sure what one. However I'm constantly looking at bargains along the way.

    IMHO, since you have the G26 and you think you still need a more concealable firearm, then you may want to consider a pocket type pistola. I did buy a Keltec P-32 for a more pocket gun.

    So to answer your question, I can't, but I have given you my thoughts. Others will have a different approach; and that is ok. Everyone is different, so you need to think about what your carrying is and then go from there. If you need more concealing occasionally, then put it into play, but look down the road too.


  7. I'm about the same size as you - same height but just a bit heavier - and my G26 conceals noticeably better IWB.
  8. TattooedGlock

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    I carry and 19 and a 30 all the time with no issue. Carry what you shoot the best.
  9. 26 conceals better for me. Shoots roughly the same as my 19. I carry my 19 at times (it will get more use in the fall/winter) but not as often as my 26. I would keep the 26 and save up for a 19 later.
  10. Chuck66

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    I carry a 26 OWB and it conceals great under a shirt tail in the Glock holster. I've never carried the 19 but I can't imagine the longer grip conceals as well. I'd just have to try it and see. But I am certain that with a grip extension on your spare mag, the 26 become more veratile, which might make it the better option since it's doing double duty as a nightstand gun. Also, what gen 19 have you shot in he past? A gen 2 grip is different, so you may not shoot it as well if you've been shooting a 3 or 4. Just my initial thoughts.

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  11. I also have the 26 Gen 4. I use that for my EDC. I was torn between a 19 and 17 Gen 4 for HD and other means. I decided to go with the 17.

    Either way I would recommend not selling / trading your 26. Your 26 is great for concealing (easy to use on your ankle if needed). If the 19 feels good get the 19. Get a holster that can fit both the 26 and the 19. Like crossbreed super tuck (IWB). Then you don't need double the accessories.

    Another plus to getting a 19 or 17 for home defense is the fact you can then add a tactical light / laser if desired down the road.

    That is my two cents worth.
  12. Get both, don't trade.

    Even if you have to wait and save up.
  13. I was once in the same shoes and I went with an LCP, then a 19.

    LCP + G26 gives you a lot more carry options than G26 + G19.
  14. If you can only have one or the other keep the 26. Some people say there is no difference in carryability but I strongly disagree. 4 ounces and .8" of grip length is quite a bit. You can always make the grip of the 26 longer.
  15. If you shoot noticably better with the G19 compared to the G26 then I would have recommended the switch, but you pointed out you shoot great with the G26 and had training with that specific gun so I am with the if it ain't broke don't fix it camp. Someone on this forum once said you can always make the G26 bigger (use G19 and G17 mags) but you can't make the G19 smaller, which is a another valid point.
  16. Thanks all for your perspectives. I was thinking the same thing. Keep the 26, get the LCP next then save up for a G19. I'm so pumped about being able to conceal.
  17. Make sure you shoot the lcp or any of those pocket 380s before buying. Very concealable, no doubt, but they are snappy.

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  18. Yeah, the only pocket .380 available to rent around here is a SW bodyguard. Does that shoot about the same as a LCP?

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  19. Go with the G19. It fits better in the hand, so you'll have more control, more ammo, and it isn't that hard to conceal anyway. I mean, it's a compact. ( my main carry is the G23, and I love it )
  20. Glk30

    I'd keep the 26 and get the LCP to go with it. I pocket carry LCP everyday/all day and it is great. The 26 will be easier to conceal vs the 19, but sometimes you wont want the weight... Like you mentioned, just taking out the trash, walking the dog, running to the store, etc. Being able to stash the 380 in the pocket has it benefits.

    In the meantime, you could save up for the Glock 30. It's about the same size as the 19, but shoots the manly 45 ACP.... Not none of that dinky 9mm stuff :supergrin::supergrin:
  21. It's certainly nice to own both the G19 and G26 and be able to use the same ammo and15 rd (or higher) mags in each. Many holsters accommodate either gun so you can carry one or the other or both depending on your needs.

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