Should I Sell my G17 Gill Gun?

Discussion in 'Glock Collector's Club' started by David the Gnome, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. So I'm thinking about selling my G17 RTF2, figured I would seek some opinions on here. I have another G17, Gen 4 model, which is my primary home defense gun and I really don't need two G17s. I've also got a 19 (Gen4 FDE) and a 26 (Gen3 OD) so doing pretty alright on 9mm Glocks. I would really like to add a Gen4 G21 to my stable and I'm thinking this G17 RTF2 would probably get me most of the way there if I sold it. What would you do? Would you sell this gun knowing they aren't making any more of them, or would you keep it?



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  3. I, personally, would keep it. I like to collect the less common Glocks. If it really serves no purpose to you. . . even just gratification from looking at it, then you may be better off selling it. I have a NIB G17 RTF2 that makes me smile just knowing it's in my safe. It's only NIB because I haven't had a range trip since I purchased it though. Gen 4 G21s are very easy to come by for the most part. G17 RTF2s W/ Gills are not so easy to find.

    Final thought - You mentioned that you really don't "need" 2 G17s. In that train of thought, some people don't think you really "need" more than 1 gun at all. In my opinion, the Glock addiction is more about wants. If you want it, keep it and save for a G4 G21.

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  4. You need two guns for this reason. Put a gun at each end of a room or home.If the thug/s are between you and your gun then you would have another behindyou in another room.
  5. You should absolutely sell it! To me... I've got $100 and a box of pop tarts..
  6. MakeMineA10mm

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  7. keep it, save the $$$ for the 21.
  8. You will regret it if you do!
  9. michael_b

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    I'll raise, $300 and homemade Italian cookies :)

    Take that poptarts lol :p

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  10. Damn you and your cooking skillz!!
  11. michael_b

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  12. Yep me too. I would not let a RFT2 with gills go. I would hold onto that gun and keep it is good shape. They are hard to find. If I find one I will buy it up fast unless the price is stupid.
  13. Just my opinion. It is always better to find a reason to buy more glocks and best not to find reasons to sell any glocks. My safe has a one way street sign on it.
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    I've let a couple RTF2 Glocks go, and I completely regret it. I had both a 17 and 22 in RTF format and sold them for one reason or another. The RTF guns are my favorite, so much so that I don't even have any non-RTF2 Glocks, but I still (foolishly) let them go.

    Unlike a lot of RTF aficionados, I don't like the gills. I much prefer the straight serrations. However, the RTF grip is so much better than anything else Glock offers (the gen4 is good, but not nearly as good as the RTF IMO), I'm willing to accept the gills. I really wish there was a 17 RTF2 without the gills. My 23 has the gills, my RTF 21s do not.

    Keep the 17, as you say, they are not making anymore, and the Gen4 21 won't be going anywhere anytime soon.
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  16. I may be a new guy here but I have to agree to these words of wisdom.

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