Should a Person Use the Exact Same Gun for EDC or Multiple Guns?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Supertuck, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Yesterday I had the privilege of training with a member of the State Police who is also a former Marine weapons instructor. He stressed something that made perfect sense, but something I have not practiced to this point. He said that we should choose ONE gun and holster combination (excluding a BUG) and devote the majority of our defensive training to that combination. He told us to "train as you fight and fight as you train!"

    Although I agree with his philosophy, I have not practiced it in the past. In an effort to carry EVERY day in a well concealed manner, I have 3 or 4 weapons I use for EDC with a variety of holsters. I usually choose my gun and holster combination based largely upon my daily activities and clothing requirements. Most days I have to wear "business casual" clothing, but sometimes I wear a suit.

    I would love to hear your thoughts and your practices on this matter. Thanks.

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  3. Short Cut

    Short Cut PatrioticMember

    I agree completely. I'm thinking if I need to draw my gun there's a high probability of being scared sh!+less and I want that pistol to be right where I expect it to be.

    Personally another little habit I have about CCW is having a gun just like my carry for most of my practice. I use the primary enough to ensure reliability, but I don't shoot the crap out of it I shoot the crap out of its double.

  4. I'm not a professional. So I don't anticipate getting into a fast draw gun fight. I'm like you, I carry several pistol and holster combinations depending on how I'm dressed. I also frequently carry a back up with right front pocket carry.

    My main concern is similar size handguns that use the same manual of arms.

    I would think a professional would want follow the one gun one holster rule for the primary.
  5. Short Cut

    Short Cut PatrioticMember

    While I'm on the train of thought I recall another instructor pearl of wisdom. Find a gun and holster that you are comfortable with carrying and carry it everyday. You've jumped through all the hoops to get your carry permit now carry everyday. Only carrying at certain times is just guess work and wouldn't it be a b!+ch to guess wrong.
  6. Well whats great about several of the major companies is the selection of weapons they offer that follow the same platform. Sig, S&W, Glock, most 1911s offer several versions, calibers, and sizes but use the same platform.

    Training with any of these weapons are very easy and can be done with most all the models because of that feature. Being in law enforcement the majority of my handgun training goes with Glock models 22, 23 and 27 which are the same gun in a different sizes. The training only differs in carry method.

    It is great if you can carry one weapon all the time and have it suit any need that might arise but it is more practical in the Military than as a civilian or civilian law enforcement.
  7. Lior


    As none of the combat that I have experienced has involved close range pistol work, I cannot write from my experience, but IMO it's more important to have the same mind than the same tool.
  8. Right now my primary carry is a CM9 in a Kydex pocket holster, I also have a USP45 LEM and a Sig P250 in 9mm. I am pretty well covered with whichever pistol I need. All are double action only and all have some very nice triggers. I like the ability to pull and shoot, no safeties, no decocker, no gadgets.
  9. Have a few pistols but carry only one. A G23, but do use 2 different holsters depending on dress.
    IWB--- Minotaur, OWB---Glock S/C.
    Have drawers full of holsters but the 2 above meet my needs.

    For training I use a Propane powered AirSoft G 19/23, an AA .22 Conversion Kit and my full caliber G23.

    The rest mostly stay in the safe.
  10. jdeere_man


    I stick with one gun as much as I can and falling back to a second one when I need to for purposes of dress requirements. Other than that I don't mix it up too much and I have lots of choices. For fun I shoot variety, but for carry it's pretty much the G26 or the Smith j-frame.
  11. This is what I have been trying to do with a 19 and a 26, but not consistently. When the instructor talked about the loss of fine motor skills under stress, I begin to understand the need for consistency.
  12. Like you, I have a drawer full of holsters. I also have a Minotaur as well as a Crossbreed. I think I need to decide which one I will use for EDC and be consistent.
  13. I also have a Smith j-frame, but I have never really practiced reloading it quickly under stress. I don't think I would be very successful in that situation.
  14. If you can always wear the same gun and holster, and it is the gun you like for every situation, then fine. It's a great idea.

    However, if you find it sometimes necessary to switch guns or carry location to keep concealed, that is fine too.

    There are a lot of hours in a day, and a lot of days in a year. I find that what I carry, and how I carry, has to be flexible. Number one goal is to always have a gun on me :)

    I joined the NRA, have you yet?
  15. Maybe its because I have carried basically one of the same 4 weapon platforms most of my life but I have and carry Glocks, 1911s and Sigs and do well with all of them. I do tend to carry weapons consistent with the weapon choice of our department and try to stay fresh with them as I do feel it is important.

    I carry a Glock 23 or 19 while off duty 99% of the time and most times I have a holster that will fit them for any and every occasion. I do carry the 27 when I have time to work the streets as a secondary and sometimes in plain cloths or at public events when in dress uniform. But the Glock 22 is primary duty weapon so it will be on me while on day to day duties.

    That being said I have carried the above mentioned weapons and different points in my career and would do so again without issue. At one time or another a Glock 20 has graced my holster, Glock 21, Glock 35, Glock 31 and 32. All of which in my opinion would fit into the carry one "type" of weapon not so much the carry one weapon for all occasions.

    I think mind set and training are above all other considerations and there is no such thing as an expert, just people who have more training than others.
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  16. Filhar

    Same pistol same holster all the time if possible. I think I'm switching from a g26 to a g30 cause they've come out with a gen 4 which fits my hand better. As a Cowboy Action Shooter, I've put a lot of rounds downrange and I always do better sticking with one pistol (matched pair) . The difference between a 4 3/4" and a 5 1/2" by the same manufacturer can be remarkable. Even with a matched pair, I keep my right and left hand guns separate.
  17. I carry the same G26, in the same Galco USA iwb, in the same place on my right side, every day.
  18. jdeere_man


    Quite honestly I dont plan to reload quickly or at all in the situation. I don't live in a combat zone and the jframe is carried when I can't carry anything else. So it's better than nothing. Maybe that's not the best from a tactical standpoint, but sometimes I have to be more practical than tactical.
  19. I would like to find the perfect CCW pistol, but until I do I will carry whichever pistol best fits the need for the occasion and dress.
  20. I have timed myself, tested my results (in competition and otherwise) and I can say with confidence that I have no problem wearing different holsters in different positions, nor do I have any problem changing handguns or handgun platforms from one to another. All that it takes is practice.

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  21. Bruce M

    At the risk of sounding tacky, especially excluding single action pistols and single action revolvers, isn't there a fairly high degree of similarity between most of the commonly carried handguns? Draw handgun, front site, press trigger. I know I am oversimplifying this but any of several really competent guys I have seen seem to de really well with a handgun they have never even held before the first time they shoot it.

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