shot my new addition Saiga today...

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  1. Hey all...

    I sold my 308 SASS rifle back late in november thinking that after christmas I would pick up something to replace it, and was strongly considering a Sig 716, then Newtown happened, and the price went from 1500 bucks to between 2800 to 3k, and that was out of budget.

    So after watching Gunbroker for several weeks, I found a Saiga 308 that was fully converted with the SGM tactical rail fore end, adjustable trigger group, folding stock, barrel threaded for a standard AR10 flash hider, and came with 8 20 round unita polymer mags.

    Took it to the local indoor range today to see how it functioned, and it worked perfectly. I put a hundred and sixty rounds through it, and the only malfunction was that the front screw on the handguard fell out cause it had no loctite in the threads.

    The mags are a little wobbly in the mag well when they are empty, but with more than a couple rounds in them they stay pretty snug. The gun shoots straight, well as much as I can tell shooting standing up with no support at 25 yards.

    As compared to the SASS I sold, obviously it isn't going to shoot nearly as well at any distance, but it weighs about 30% less, and being gas piston driven is probably going to require less maintenance to keep it running right.

    I think I am going to pick up a few Csspecs metal mags to use when it is cold out, and also considering adding a recoil reducing stock as it does pack quite a punch compared to the 7.62x39 or AR. I also ordered a beryl style top rail, fixed stock, and Optisan Mamba optic for it. I will post some pics when I get it put together like I want it.

    So, if the first outing with this rifle is any indication, I think it's going to be a good one, and I would recommend this rifle if you are looking for something economical in the 308 platform.

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  2. The VEPR and Saiga 308s make good battle rifles and DMRs.
    Those Csspecs mags are great, really high quality.

  3. I considered a VEPR as well. But by the time I would have bought the rifle, additional mags, trigger/grip conversion, and had the barrel turned for a flash hider, I would have ended up with a lot more in it than where I got into this piece.
  4. megawatt

    megawatt Electron maker


    I like my 16" version. The Csspecs mags (not shown here) are good high quality steel mags.

  5. Nice looking rifle...

    I had read that the 16"(thaat's what mine is too) version is actually more consistent in accuracy than the 21" version.

    BTW, what finish is on it? Mine is black, yours looks more like a grey color, I like.
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  6. megawatt

    megawatt Electron maker

    It is a grey moly resin finish. The ACE stock and Krebs safety are untouched I thought with the black furniture that it all came together nicely.
  7. Hamrhed

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    Very nice Saiga, indeed... The ACE and Krebs safety really set it off!
  8. .38 super

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    Great looking rifle! How do you like the PWS comp. ?
  9. Great looking rifle megawatt, I just picked up a "16 Saiga as well. I am just waiting for the rest of my parts to come in so I can do the conversion.

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  10. [​IMG]


    This is the almost finished product. I am awaiting an Arsenal extended length stock, and still gotta get a sling. The bipod is an elcheapo chinese piece of junk, but serves the purpose. Haven't got a chance to shoot it with the scope yet, but will solve that this weekend!
  11. megawatt

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    The PWS works very well, a little pricey a couple years ago when I purchased it for $100. No telling what they are now. I can't comment on the flash supression at night time but the compensating half of the decive does the job nicely with the larger 7.62x51 muzzle flip.

    Nice pics Maxx. How much does the beryl style top rail run$$.
  12. Midway usa had it for 49.00 bucks. It is pretty solid, but I don't like the flip up sight that came with it. The aperature is too big. I ordered a marbles flip up blade sight with adjustable windage to replace it.
  13. A little off topic, but y'all talking about Csspec mags led me to their website. While there, I visited the "Policies" page. Below is copied and pasted from that page.

    " 2/24/2013 We will no longer accept sales to any law enforcement or other agency, in areas that restrict ownership of the same product to citizens. We will not allow dealer orders that are intended to bypass our policies. Our products are made solely for use in lawful civilian recreational activities."

    Rock on!!!
  14. I finished the conversion on my .308 today, now I just need some time off from work to go shoot it.

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