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Shorthair Crowned America's Top Dog

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by proguncali, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. proguncali

    proguncali 1911-2004 CLM

    Mar 14, 2002
    At your Mom's
    I've always had Shorthairs for bird dogs.


    Posing like the very symbol of the Westminster Kennel Club, a German shorthaired pointer (search) called Carlee became America's top dog Tuesday night.

    The 5-year-old female with the soft eyes and gliding gait won best in show, beating out a popular Norfolk terrier (search), a champion bloodhound and a wobbling Pekingese.

    All seven finalists gave fine performances on the green carpet of Madison Square Garden (search). But the sellout crowd and judge Lynette Saltzman were clearly won over by Carlee's "free stack," the time when the dog stands alone and shows its stuff.

    Paying rapt attention to star handler Michelle Ostermiller (search), Carlee pointed with perfection as the cheers grew louder and louder.

    "She was spectacular," Ostermiller said.

    Last year, Ostermiller neatly guided a big Newfoundland named Josh to this best in show title. This time, she came back to be the tops among the 2,581 entries in 165 breeds and varieties.

    "I'm stunned," she said.

    Carlee, with a brown face and white-and-liver spotting, now will retire to Castle Rock, Colo., with her ninth best in show title overall. Officially named Ch. Kan-Point's VJK Autumn Roses, the sporting group winner wound up a champion in the nation's most prestigious canine event.

    Carlee became the second German shorthaired pointer to win at Westminster, and was a direct descendant of the other winner in 1974.

    "She just did everything right," Saltzman said.
  2. Ender

    Ender ComfortablyNumb

    May 20, 2001
    good for her! ;)

    Germany apparently breeds fine dogs like the GSP and GSD.

    thy don't do so well with leaders ;)

  3. Craigster


    Dec 15, 2002
    Wa. State
    Im a Britt man but that is one beautiful GSH.
  4. ucsdryder


    May 24, 2004
    That GSP looks A LOT like my gsp. I went to the park the day that the dog won and everyone was cracking jokes about Birdie (my GSP) winning. If I could ever figure out how to post a damned picture, I'd put a picture of her up here. Honestly though, I wasn't that impressed with the look of the GSP that won. Birdie would blow her out of the water based on looks, and plus Birdie is a pointing machine

  5. I saw that show. The sh did have an excellent pose--and I'm not a sh fan. I liked the great pyraneese, but I knew that the sh would win by the way she held her pose. She is beautiful.:)
  6. Looks nice,

    But will that dog hunt?
  7. freakshow10mm

    freakshow10mm 10mm Advocate

    My uncle has owned those dogs for all his life. Those are the only breed he will take to the field for uplands. They are wonderfull dogs and I going to get one when I can afford one, hopefully when I am out of school.
  8. Ender

    Ender ComfortablyNumb

    May 20, 2001
    check pounds and rescues...25-50% of dogs at pounds are purebred... GSPs.htm#Shelter Referral

    one for Wisconsin:

    all that good stuff from one google search :) ...they will be less expensive than from a breeder and you won't have to deal with the 'puppy' phase unless you choose to! :)
  9. freakshow10mm

    freakshow10mm 10mm Advocate

    Thanks for the info. It will prolly be a few years away still. I am transferring schools in May, going to Finlandia in Hancock. Hopefully I will get into an agency up there somewhere. I plan to get a GSP as my graduation present to myself in addition to a Beretta Silver Pigeon 20ga.