Short Barrel Test Federal 45 ACP 230 Grain HST

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    Great expansion! I think that the bullet turned sideways as it retreated from the full penetration depth. I just looked at the video in stop-frame. The bullet did turn sideways upon retreating a little from full penetration. It went face forward all the way to full penetration.

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  2. Excellent test, thank you! I'm shopping for short barrel 45 loads right now and have settled on the +P HST rd for a little better velocity.
  3. HSTs have amazingly consistent penetration. They all seem to go about 12.5-13" regardless of weight and caliber.
  4. Great video. Has anyone seen a gel test with some clothing? Using +p out of a 3.5 inch P45, I was getting partial expansion through 4 layers of denim into gallon jugs with water and news paper. Partial expansion was still pretty good, but I do not know the relevance of my testing.
  5. When I get attacked by multiple gallon jugs wearing 4 layers of denim which eat newspapers, I'll come back and look at these results.
  6. If you wait until after you are attacked, it will be too late. I guess you already have been attacked by a bare piece of gel.
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    it does give us an idea (not precisely) of how well a particular bullet/load will do in the anti-personnel function.
  8. Party pooper.

    I appreciate the work as the XDS is in my carry rotation. I usually pack 230 CORBON and Win Rangers ... may just consider working the HST's into the mix as well.

    Thanks so much Bro for the test :thumbsup:
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