Shopping for a 9mm ar. Anything to look for or stay away from?

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by leeinmemphis, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm going to be shopping for a 9mm ar this week and was wondering if there were any brands or specific things to watch out for? I had emergency back surgery last year and my back can't handle anything with much recoil. I would like to take a couple long gun classes and think the 9mm will be much easier on my back/body(plus MUCH cheaper to shoot).

    So what should I expect to pay for one and which one would you guys suggest????

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    I've never had great experience with any of the 9mm's, including a factory Colt 635 submachine gun. The problem was always magazines, and getting them feeding right.

    The modified Uzi mags seemed to do the best of the ones I tried, have not tried any in the last couple years. As much as I dislike Olympic, i believe they make a 9mm Glock magazine model, which would likely cure the mag issue as it has a magwell specifically made to be compatible (not the mag block insert), and in a 9mm blowback carbine.....well, there's not much else to go wrong.

    I didn't find the 9's to have much less recoil than a properly gassed 5.56 rifle. A midlength 5.56mm with a heavy buffer has very little recoil, with the correct muzzle brake, it recoils about like a .22.

  3. faawrenchbndr

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    Could chat with you about this for HOURS.......are you looking at buying a complete carbine or are you looking at an upper/lower?
  4. Tagged... Interested to see responses.
  5. I have a Marlin camp carbine in 9mm with a folding stock and 6 30 round mags for sale. It will do everything an AR type will do for about half the price.
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  7. Right now I'm thinking about a complete carbine. I've read that a standard lower can be converted with a 9mm upper but it sounds like a bit of a pita to deal with switching them back and forth.
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    The Marlin will also fall apart if the wrong lube gets sprayed on it, and the gun and the magazines they designed it to use's gun have been out of production for nearly 20 years......
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    There are a few companies that made a dedicated 9mm lower, CMMG is one of them. I have a lower I may be selling soon.
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    I have a rock river arms 9mm AR (pistol).
    It is dedicated 9mm, and performs flawlessly with 25 round UZI magazines.

    the 32 round rock river mags aren't 100 % reliable with hollowpoints, but seem OK with FMJ.
  11. If you want colt/Uzi mags I'd get the RRA dedicated.

    If you want good mags get a Lone Wolf or DDLES build.
  12. Thanks everyone. I have not been in a gun shop in probably a year. I will call around to see if anyone has anything in stock that I can take a look at. I had a rra 9mm but sold it in a time when I needed cash to fund another toy. Hopefully there will be a few I can take a look at locally.
  13. What about the just right carbines? I was looking at one and they look neat. Not really an ar but they take glock mags. I think they're blow back operated. I think they're available in 9mm,40 and 45.

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  14. They are just Smith 9mm mags.

    I will give you a lack of ruggedness. My department's rifles started falling apart after a year. That was mostly due to them rattling around gun racks.

    As a plinker that can double as home defense they are fine. As a combat rifle they suck.

    That said I kick myself for not buying a Camp 45.

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    If Ruger had designed the PC series carbines to take Glock, Sig, etc mags, i think they'd have sold a pile of them. I nearly picked one up several times, but the lack of interchangeable magazines, crappy trigger and price were killers for me. They were solidly built though, they got that part right.
  16. No selling on the forum. You have been warned, the next time, you'll get an infraction.
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  17. Magazines are still available. It takes Smith and Wesson 59 series mags.
  18. is it me or is the .300 AAC Blackout better in every way?
  19. I've been researching 9mm uppers, but haven't totally made up my mind yet. 5.56 is stupid expensive over here, and most stores are still in very short supply on powders and primers. I have a ton of 9mm, a rifle upper makes sense as a cheap plinker.

    YHM upper, gets good reviews, comes with everything needed

    CMMG upper, also read a lot of good reviews on it, you'll need to buy mags and mag well adapter

    Olympic arms upper

    You could also build your own upper, I thought about going this direction but with the added cost of tools and only building one upper it's cheaper to buy a completed one.

    Colt has a complete rifle, I haven't heard much feedback on it. You check Youtube for user reviews. If you decide to but just an upper the Hahn mag adapter looks like it swaps out easily, it's not a PITA to change calibers if you want to go back to 5.56. I've been eying out the YHM upper, I just need to decide if I want to sell my unissued Polish under folder kit to pay for it.
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  20. Depends what your doing with it.

    9mm is considerably cheaper, and much more common.

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