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Shooters vs. Armscor

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by i_am_infinity, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. i_am_infinity

    i_am_infinity Pang Altar

    Jun 20, 2005
    To Infinity and Beyond

    i have a friend who wants to buy a low cost single stack for home defense and occatonal trips to the range...among the 2 brands listed above which is beter in quality and durability?

    please don't hesitate to write down ur pros and cons

  2. horge

    horge -=-=-=-=- Lifetime Member

    Jan 22, 2004
    almost home
    SAM internals can be on the soft side, but their slide seems a little
    tougher than Armscor's.

    If your friend is going to keep the pistol stock, I'd lean towards
    an Armscor. If your friend is into swapping out the innards anyway,
    then the SAM starts shining a little brighter. Customer service and unit delivery time advantage goes to SAM.

  3. i_am_infinity

    i_am_infinity Pang Altar

    Jun 20, 2005
    To Infinity and Beyond
    actually he's just thinking of buying just a it a good move?
  4. mine is shooters (falcon), I bought it last year and fired 2,500 rounds as of yesterday. I havent replaced any internal parts yet, because I want to test how long the internal parts will last, but honestly with a price of 16k (gun show price) I can say that it's worth it. I made some modification on the grip just to look a bit nice and spent around 10k including hard chrome and for me it's perfect (accuracy). If ever some internal parts will break at 3,000 rounds or so then I think not bad at all. Ofcourse what can we expect from a cheap boomer? Pero hindi ako nahihiya na sabihin na shooters ang baril ko (yes local) but proud to be pinoy.;z ;z ;z Ang comment ko lang medyo nag loose yung fitting frame to slide but when I had it hard chromed humigpit ulit. Kaya ito binubog-bog ko uli ng putok. Next saturday punta uli ako sa farm namin and will fire another 500 rounds and will see kung may bibigay na parts.:cool: Syempre bumili na ko ng firing pin, disconnector, sear hammer and extractor all ed-brown just in case na bumigay, may pang palit na ko. boy scout, laging handa!:)
  5. vega


    Sep 29, 2001
    ego - Na solve ne ba yung problema mo?

  6. got also a SAM Commodore cal. 45 single stack 1911 boomer.
    mine is still in the break-in period.
    only fired 180+ rounds during my vacation. hope to be able to enjoy it the next time around.

    slide to frame fit is A-OK & finish also. the only problem i encountered is that a fully loaded SAM magazine(7-rnds)will not set-inside the frame. kahit na e pok-pok kuman sa mesa.^8
    but besides that, it works fine and hits the target of 10yds or so in a 2"-3"(6"sometimes)grouping. pasensya na baguhan lang kasi;T;g
  7. isuzu


    Jul 3, 2005
    North America

    How's the accuracy of your SAM? Is it more accurate than the Armscor or the other way around?
  8. SAM "claims" that their slides as forged but frames are cast.
    i checked the internals of their slide and the ramp portion of their frame & i find it ok nman, there are no tool mark sign or even any scratch with it.(sa boomer ko lng yun, iwan ko sa iba)

    in this forum there are few examples of bad worksmanship, meron talagang nakakalusot sa quality control kahit pa pang export na boomer k SAM man or Armscor.
    guys di ko sinisiraan ang RIA/Armscor ha. example lang to ng mga flaws k local made or imported meron talaga nito kahit na nga Para-Ord.
  9. Yes, bala problema. pinalitan ko yung ibang basyo ko.
  10. Cant compare it with armscor; Izusu, cause I havent tried shooting armscor brand. I tried Ranger, but I'd rather go for SAM than ranger, (accuracy wise).
  11. At present, i have two SAM 1911, commodore and Elite. Fired several rounds with it, no problem except for few FTF with the commodore, traced the problem to bulging ammo. Parts availability, i commend Shooters. Try to call Squires, they have few internal parts available. Most of their stocks are barrels and slides. Shooters even sell frames (single stack) and readily available. I leaned towards Armscor when it comes to barrel, the finish is good, shiny, and thicker as compared to shooters. I changed my commmodore barrel to armscor.

    Currently, i have SAM alpha frame (longdust cover) for my .38super open gun project. I plan to supplement it with premium internal parts not to mention that shooters widebody frame accepts mecgar/para-ord mags. That's how i like Shooters, you can really save a lot! mas mahal pa yata ang C-more na planong kong bilhin eh.
  12. +1 if i had to change my barrel & budget is not much, i'll get the Armscor also.

    tumpak mas mahal pa talaga c-more kaysa sa unit ng alpha. but SAM Alpha is a good base/platform for an open gun(if you want a low budget one). you can have it ported also "ala v10 porting"(5-6holes both sides near the muzzle) if you have the bull barrel.;f
  13. i_am_infinity

    i_am_infinity Pang Altar

    Jun 20, 2005
    To Infinity and Beyond
    Meron ba ang SAM ng single stack pero long dust na frame kit lang?
  14. meron yung omega na model. kaso cal. 40(9+1) tapos square yung trigger guard katulad noong k ego1911.
    opppssss...sori round pala trigger guard noong omega. yung Sigma & Delta pala ang me square trigger guard at cal.45(7+1).;g
  15. pwede frame kit lang bro.
    pwede nga rin yung upper kit nila na hybrid(ported barrel & cut slide) which cost 11k.
  16. i_am_infinity

    i_am_infinity Pang Altar

    Jun 20, 2005
    To Infinity and Beyond
    okidoks...i'll tell my friend to give SAM a call...thanks for all the inputs guys, appreciate it. ;)