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    Hey guys and girls, new M&P Shield owner, love it shot 300 through so far in the first week and have been looking for holsters for it for almost 2 weeks now. I know that High Noon has the down under available for it, and Desantis has the Cozy Partner "which is out of stock every where". My normal carry's are either my Dan Wesson CBob in a Sparks SS2 or Glock 19 in Sparks SS2. I have tried a VM-2 just not as comfortable for me and have to talked the guys up there at MS and although they are now taking order for the VM2 and 55BN for the Shield they are not making the SS2 for another few months:crying:

    I have read on here and other forums that people are saying the SS2 for the Glock 26 is a good fit for the Shield, and I think its adequate as for trial fitment with my G19 holster. So what have you guys found? Anyone have any pics of there Shield in a holster for a diff firearm? I was real close to doing the Down Under High Noon, but am afraid I will be disappointed if the quality isnt quite up to snuff. I really want to be able to start carrying this little guy and am willing to order a Sparks for the G26 from Brownells.

    THanks for any help!


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  2. tim12232

    tim12232 Pistolero

    Thanks for the reply, but really looking for leather only. Just not a fan of kydex personally. The summer special style holsters are the most comfortable for me and I have tried alot of holsters over the years. But thanks again!
  3. I'm not sure about any leather holsters, as I haven't seen any yet. But I can vouch for Paul's (coachg) holsters for the Shield. I just received mine in the mail and am absolutely thrilled with it. I'm wearing it right now and it's amazing. Can barely even tell it's there. :supergrin:
  4. My OWB and Mag holder from RKBA arrived today - I am super pleased with the workmanship and fit, this is a very nice holster.

  5. Missed the part about leather - but RKBA holsters does do leather for the Shield as well, and turnaround time was quite reasonable for a small holstermaker doing custom holsters - just over 2 weeks.

    I am not affiliated, just a happy customer
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  7. Lobo Gun Leather is making me a leather pancake style holster for my Shield. It will take 5 to 6 weeks but I told him I will give him and the forums my honest opinion. Time will tell.
  8. I got the holster from RKBA yesterday. I agree with what you wrote here!! He has a good price too!
  9. Hi,

    You can try Kydex IWB Holsters.
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  10. I have a Kusiak IWB and it works well for me. It is inexpensive unmolded thin leather and the gun rides low. Very easy to conceal.
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  11. I have a Zlogonje leather works Elemental pancake with body shield for my Shield. I really like it. He does very good leather work. I am a fan of Milt Sparks as well, and the Zlogonje holsters are very similar in quality.
  12. Zombie thread, guys. Check the OP date.
  13. I carry my Shield in a Bianchi Model 100 Professional. It's a minimalist leather IWB design. Very comfortable.

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