Sheriff's vehicle stolen with assault rifle

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  1. Huh? This should be interesting explaining why the car keys are also missing.

  2. As for the rifle being in the car, plenty of people right here on GT will tell you they have a 24/7 "car gun" or will leave their CCW in their car. So leaving a gun and ammo in a car is no big deal.

    Embarrasing, yes. But one more stolen gun out on the streets-just another drop in the ocean.
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  3. Understood Patch... I was thinking of it from the embarassment side.
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    Yeah, he'll live that one down soon!!!! LOL!!!
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    Here's the top comment;

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  6. Car found empty in westminster, co, minus, m-4, gunbelt and various careful..
  7. AR still missing? Yeah, the second wife's BF probably dropped it off to the cop's real wife and explained what happened. And left her with a couple of loaded spare mags..., you know, just in case she might want to shoot the gun. :)
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