SGAmmo has 7.62x39 going fast!

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  1. THIS is the very reason if/when all this madness stops I will order from SG first; if they don't have it in stock then I will look elsewhere.

    Capitalism means charging what the market will bear but there are a lot of places past gouging levels. Some places charging $1100 for 1,000 rounds of .300 Blackout?

    There were places (Able's) within the past three weeks charging $850/1,000 rounds of Tula - this same ammo today is still $800 on their site.

    Stillwater, OK, will get all my instock business.

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  2. yeah thats a real good price! Kudos for not gouging..on a side not not same place but that 1080 tin of 5.45 I got about weeks ago was still also $160 and the Tapco mags(sand color) that were in stock were also $13.50 each.

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  3. SPIN2010

    SPIN2010 Searching ...

    I believe that was demilled ammo cases, not PMC, WPA, or Tulammo sealed (quite a difference in quality).

    I picked up a 1k case of Tulammo ($380.00 shipped) for the Krink SBR project from SGAmmo. Widener's also had it (WPA) for $381.00 shipped two weeks ago, I should have another case here in about two days.
  4. It was Golden Tiger. I already received my case of it. Waiting on another 200 round case Wednesday.
  5. Kingarthurhk

    Kingarthurhk Isaiah 53:4-9

    I have visited Able's store. They are as annoying personally as they are virtually.
  6. Kingarthurhk

    Kingarthurhk Isaiah 53:4-9

    I am running about 1,500 rounds at the moment for my MAK 90 and Yugo pistol. I can hang on until it becomes reasonable.
  7. anyone found any Golden Tiger for a decent price? that round runs great in my AK's.
  8. SG Ammo is a good vendor. They are fast and relaible and don't hose people with prices. I buy a ton of stuff from them and will continue to do so.
  9. I didnt till I got this AK74 since then and till this last time thats who I was using for ammo but they were out so I switched to Widners..both excellent IMO and neither were gouging big thumbs up for both.
  10. SGAmmo has some more GT!! It will be gone within 10-15 mins. Anyone who wants some better go NOW!
  11. Thank you sir!!
  12. :wavey:

    Only wish I could've found it sooner.
  13. 14 minutes later and its gone...

    On a side note, Luckygunner has a decent amount of 7.62 but it starts at 45 cents/round.
  14. amazing on how fast it goes.....
  15. i missed it by 3 hours. thats about 15 years in "panic-2013" time.
  16. Thirty eight cents a round for 762? No thanks.

    Don't buy into the frenzy. Prices will come back down
  17. More GT in stock!!

    175 - 1000 round cases and 74 - 200 round cases at time of this posting
  18. 32 - 200 rounders left
  19. I got 1000 rounds of this stuf. It was so inaccurate at 100 yds and the jacket kept fragmenting I had to quit shooting it. I also had one bullet take out a piece of my AK74 compensator. I tried to call SGAmmo and it goes to answering machine first ring. I left a message and also several emails, nothing yet. I am not sure this is OK to shoot.
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