Sent back my gen 4 23

Discussion in 'Update/Upgrade Info Forum' started by teammazza, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Sending back my new 23 gen 4 for upgraded ejector. They would not send me the ejector and told me I had to send the whole gun back. I asked for a prepaid shipping label, he wasn't happy but he is sending me one. I was thinking, im not paying for shipping on a gun I didn't break. If they are going to make faulty guns they should have to pay. I hope this ends the problems with the gen 4s. I was getting brass in the face and a few FTF, this is after the new RSA I received.

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  3. Well I hope that fixes your problems. I personally purchased a new trigger housing w/ejector for my G19 from lwd. cost me 12$ counting s/h and i only waited 4 days for the part to arrive.

  4. Keep us posted.
  5. Shot my new Gen 4 G23 with the updated ejector and RSA today, shot about 100 rounds with no brass to the face or any FTF. All of the empties were to the right anywhere from 3 to 5 feet. Hope the new ejector fixes your problem.
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  6. I agree with Chris, In principal Glock should stand behind the gun. I would have considered purchasing a new extractor and kept my Glock in his holster and your address out of Glock's ledger.

    Lets hope it gets fixed.
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  7. I agree Glock should have sent you prepaid packaging without you having to ask. Also I hate how they treat armorer training like it's some great benefit. I think the Armorers manual should be freely available to any Glock owner at cost plus 50%. It's not like the gun is a complicated one to detail strip!
  8. It would be be nice, but I'm sure it's for legal reasons. They don't want you working on the gun, having it FTF in an emergency, and then suing them.
  9. Lawyers will ruin the world. Well more before it is all over. I agree, that is probably why.
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    Just curious when you purchased it and what it was built?
  11. Was curious IF Glock fixed the OP's 23, i had to send back my Gen4 Glock 23 today. I was getting severe brass to the forehead, i shot 3 13rnd mags & 30 hit me in the forehead. I called Glock & told them my issue & they told me they wouldnt send me a pre-paid shipping label lol. UPS wanted almost $80 to overnight it HAHA, i went back to the dealer i bought it from & he sent it for me for free. Mine was made on 09/16/2011 & i bought it new in Feb of 2012 & the number on my recoil spring assembly is 033. I have 450 rounds through my 23. :faint:

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