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Senior Citizen Self Defense

Discussion in 'GATE Self-Defense Forum' started by MGGLOCK9, Jul 19, 2010.



    Feb 12, 2001
    Hi Mas:

    I retired earlier this year due to long-term back problems. My wife has several years to go. She is a home care nurse who has "night call" 3x monthly. This means visiting patients' homes anywhere in the county and increasingly in Phila. at any hour. I drive her on these visits and remain outside while she does patient care or pronounces death. (State law allows a nurse to pronounce home hospice patients.)

    As my back deteriorates my "kit" has dwindled. I used to carry a G19 with spare magazine and a J-frame. I also carry pepper spray, a cell phone, flashlight. pen and paper and a leatherman tool.(I used to carry spare glasses also but stopped).

    We have had several incidents: with younger people looking to be tough in front of older, genuinely tough residents, an emotionally disturbed person, and once with a drunk-all of which thankfully ended short of having to draw a weapon. Once I was surprised by a fellow who emerged from shadow and got next to my open car window-he held both hands over his warm-up pocket but left when I placed my hand on the butt of my gun.) These events always seem to happen on the street near the patients house. I have found that thinking fast and displaying respect to the right people in a group really helps.
    1. Lately the only firearm I carried has been an early scandium .32 H&R Mag with 2 speedloads. This is DAO with an external hammer that I had a 'smith shrink to reduce snagging . The .38 is internal hammer. If I balance weight on two sides my back cooperates better., I can probably carry an aluminum .38 j-frame and the scandium-the .38 crossdraw and the .32 rightside (I am right handed, but the rightside back is weaker than the left). (I have a great, old Milt Sparks crossdraw) Does that sound like a reasonable idea?

    2. Does the .32 H&R actually do anything effective? Any suggestions on ammo for either?

    3. I have considered leaving the location of the patient's house during the 45-60 minute wait-(I never blend in with the neighborhood and my presence has seemed to "rile" residents that are inebriated.) But I can't bring myself to leave my wife-the last bad one I thought about leaving until I realized that all the other houses were deserted and windowless, except for one that was a tavern. Do you think i should as a rule remain? (Her employer's rules preclude my entering the house.)

    Finally, I have studied your excellent work for 25 years. You are a Godsend. Thank you for your time.

  2. Mas Ayoob

    Mas Ayoob KoolAidAntidote Moderator

    Nov 6, 2005
    Thanks for the kind words, MG.

    I'd be inclined to stay with .38 Specials and proven loads. The .32 Mag doesn't have much of a track record. The one defensive shooting I'm familiar with in the caliber, the shooter had to reload and shoot the assailant some more after hitting him with the first six.

    Talk with your doc and consider getting a shoulder holster system with a holster on each side, balancing your J-frame .38s. Galco and Rosen will both make them on order. With the gun barrel horizontal it's very fast, particularly while seated in a car. If your back problem is in the lumbar region, this will take the weight off your hips.

    Given your unusual circumstances, you might want to talk with your wife's employer and see if they can put you inside as security or an assistant to her as she ministers to hospice patients.

    best of luck,



    Feb 12, 2001
    Thanks, Mas.

    I will confine the .32 to plinking.. Your other suggestions are good too.