Sending New PPK/S Back - Jammed Slide

Discussion in 'Walther Forum' started by John_NJ, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Got my brand new PPKS .380 about a week ago and after cleaning, oiled, went to the range Sunday. It jammed on the third round and the slide is stuck about 1" open. It won't budge one way or the other. Waiting to get my return shipper label from the factory. Anybody experience a similar failure?

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  3. Bren

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    Try pulling your trigger guard down, as if you were field stripping it, and pull the slide back and down, or take it off and put it back on correctly. You likely have the slide/frame rails misaligned, possibly due to pulling the trigger guard down when you didn't mean to while shooting or cleaning.

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  4. Thanks Bren. I tried that. The slide won't budge at all.
  5. Bren

    Bren NRA Life Member

    Got a picture?
  6. Here's what happened. The pistol fired, the brass wouldn't eject, and it's stuck in this position.

    The slide does not look mis-aligned on the base. I wonder if the barrel could have failed/split jamming the slide?

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  7. A wooden dowel rod about 6" long and 5/16" diameter ( if that is .380) might tap that out, FWIW.

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  8. Bren

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    Before sticking any rods anywhere, just take out the magazine.
  9. I've had the mag out and tried tapping the slide out. Nothing is working. Sending it back to the factory.
  10. It's on its way back today. I hope they get it all sorted out. I really want to like this gun but so far I'm very skeptical.
  11. MY experience with SmithWalthers (YMMV) is that they will look at the piece, declare nothing is faulty, return it to you and you will have the same issue again, until you get the piece replaced.

    I went through two SmithWalthers until I got one that works well. Love the Walther, not a huge fan of SmithWalther, but eventually Smith gets it sorted out.

    But now with the separation, it will be interesting to see what happens.

    Best of luck to you. Perseverance is your friend.
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  13. Thanks for the info. If it comes back and still has problems, it's getting traded in for something else and Walther will be off my buy list. I've had to write off Kahr and Taurus for the same reason. I don't have time to mess around. There are too many other things I can be buying.
  14. Believe me, I understand...a Kahr P380 which stipulates a 200 round breakin required 600 befoe it settled in. Works fine now, but I was about ready to toss it thru Kahr's office window...assuming they have one.

    We pay too much money and put up with too much hassle for these things to not work correctly.
  15. not trying to sound like a smart a.... but when you get it back oil the slide rails and frame good, good luck they are nice little pistols.

  16. They are WONDERFUL little pistols! Spot-on accurate for me in the intended range, stunning design, if you can remove the gaudy Smith logo etched on the slide... my only issue with MY SmithWalthers is that I had one pistol that would not feed correctly. Thought it was a break-in issue...300 rounds or so later, still had the issue. Sent it to Smith. They had it a couple weeks, sent it back, dirty, with a note saying no malfunction found. Had the same issue. Traded it back in to my LGS for another one, and when I put 40 rounds through that, a pin started working out of the trigger housing area. So THAT got traded, on the spot for a Smith revolver.... Smith still makes good revolvers.

    Three months later, I get the PPK bug again, the LGS had another batch in, and this one has worked perfectly.

    Long way of saying that with dedication, perseverance and a good LGS to help, you can have a wonderful time with PPK/Ss...Smith just doesn't make it particularly easy at times.

    And yeah...I had Smith a clean weapon and they return a dirty one..THAT irked me. A note sayng that X number of rounds were fired without a malfunction noted would have been fine - I would have taken their word for it..but to return it DIRTY as "proof" rounds were fired, will...I didn't get any warm-fuzzies. I didn't had them a dirty weapon, I was peeved when I got a dirty weapon returned.

    Maybe things are all better now and life is good. I hope so.

    Probably the other thing that irked me is I didn't get a call or email from the Smith tech to discuss the type of failure I was having. I got the sense the tech took the PPK/S, popped a couple of mags through it, didn't have an issue and boxed it up and shipped it back, with no discussion of what type of ammo was used, how the tech was firing or anything else. emphasize.... the LGS I worked with went above and beyond and I DID get a good working PPK/S and I am a happy camper now. Just not a huge fan of the way Smith handled my personal issue. YMMV. Doesn't mean I won't buy Smith at some point, but they are not at the time of my lust list now either.
  17. I owned a s/s PPK/S about 10 years ago and after it would not fire relieably with any ammo,and it would do exactly what you ae describing I ended up trading it to a local gun shop where I bought it in the first place. I now have a bad taste in my mouth from the Walther and would not purchase one again.
  18. Got my wife one for Christmas, and Magtech ammo was a issue with FTFs. Used several other kinds of ammo including my reloads with no problem.
  19. Lotta discussion on the Walther forums on the relative merits of the Smith version of the PP series, particularly in .380.
    Personal experience has been that the .380 version, regardless of who made it, can be ammo sensitive. These guns often have a rather narrow 'window' for things to work perfectly; bullet shape and type, load level, moon phase and barometric pressure.
    A buddy has an Interarms .380 that runs on about anything, but my own example of years ago could not be persuaded to run reliably. When it did run, it had an unpleasant 'sting' all out of proportion to the power of the load. A buddy compared it to the vibration you get from a hit on the wrong side of the bat.
    The .32 iteration is another matter; some casewall thickness/bullet diameter issues aside, it is easy to reload for and eats about anything. It is also very pleasant to shoot.
    Personal experience with Smith service has been hugely positive, tho' never on a S&Walther. The PP has a gripe that they weren't in contact with him for more particulars, but the techs are there to fix guns, not to clean them.
  20. Well, ya dad always taught me to clean borrowed tools and fill the tank of borrowed vehicles.

    I have done my share of tech support..I have learned that people don't make up trouble issues. If an issue can't be replicated, you don't write it up as "cannot replicate problem" and ignore it. You contact the person, get more info and solve the problem.

    I love my SmithWalther PPK/S..just hate the path it took me to get one that works.

    I feel for the OP...his piece may well get fixed, but I doubt the reason for failure will be revealed.
  21. I got the pistol back from S&W today. New barrel installed. I've noticed the slide is much easier to remove from the frame now as well.

    I hope to have a positive range report in the next few weeks.

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