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  1. who's on your list?

    1. jun magsaysay
    4.teddy casino
    5.nancy binay....just kidding :rofl:

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  2. nancy.....ill bet my 1finger she wins though. was it forrest gump who best explained it.... stupid is, is what stupid does!

  3. I will leave the senatorial slate BLANK. Last year's events only reinforces my rock-bottom opinion of the Senate.
  4. That's why puro revolutionaries ang picks ko :) except for jun magsaysay
    This is actually my first time to vote for Trillanes
    Trillanes gained my respect in one of the debates
    He was asked something about education, I forgot what
    Ang ikli ng sagot
    He never even mentioned mga scholars na pinapasok nya sa UP
    ( who says the right and the left cant work together :) )

    Napansin ko lang kasi he was seated next to Gordon who's a darn great self promoter
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  5. Kaiser Soze

    Kaiser Soze Notorious

    Doesn't this open the possibility of altering your ballot?
  6. How will this be done? I also left it blank at the last election.
  7. PhiberOptik

    PhiberOptik Glock23 Fanatic

    When is the election again?
  8. glak

    glak perpeksyon

    May 13, 2013
  9. CM,

    What I did was to put several big Xs on my ballot. That way, nothing can be written on it.
  10. That would work under the old system, but these past two elections are now electronic-type, just shade the corresponding spaces of your choice of candidates, somewhat like the old NCEE (if you remember this you're old!), or the lotto (they bumped up the price of the 6/42 and 6/45 to P20 today).

    I gather that over there in Canada it's still the manual system of counting, which I believe is much better than the troublesome electronic system now, in fact I read the news that in the school I voted one machine broke down; reportedly 50 machines in Negros Oriental conked out.

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