Senator Rubio is no friend to the 2nd amendment

Discussion in 'Gun-Control Issues' started by ghender1, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. On the Fox O’Reilly show, 1/16/13, Senator Marco Rubio said that he thinks gun registration is fine.
    He also wants illegal’s to be citizens. He is no friend to conservatives.
    He appears to be a “Trojan Horse” in the Republican Party.

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  3. Any Republican for gun control is a scumbag. And Democraps too for that matter.

  4. I am a constituent and contributor to Rubio.

    I can typically get ahold of someone in his office.

    I left a message a few minutes ago and will ask his staff specifically about this.

    I am hoping he just mistated his answer to O'Really but I was concerned about his apparent agreement that registration is OK.
  5. I think O'Reilly also thinks that an AWB and registration is OK.
  6. :rofl::rofl: That is often what I think when hear him speak. He is the smartest person in the world and he is never wrong! Just ask him.
  7. Pues dile que me cago en su madre y yo no voto por el otra ves!!!:steamed::steamed::steamed:
  8. TheJ

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    O'rielly is an arrogant ass and has always been wrong on the gun issue. Additionally, he treats the subject as if his opinion is the only sane one and anyone who differs with his opinion is a loon. He bullies people and I simply don't like him.
  9. WTF! I just called the DC office and his Miami office. Voicemail is FULL in DC and all you get is voicemail in Miami. I even tried Tallahassee - same thing.
  10. I hope the email I received from Rubio's camp is an honest one, but reading this has sme thinking otherwise. The email stated any attack or changes to our 2A rights is unconstitutional.
  11. O'Reilly is like this on EVERY subject. That's okay when he agrees with me.

    On the 2nd amendment, this arrogant ass says O'Reilly is a loon because only my opinion is a sane one.
  12. TheJ

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    He is like that on every subject and it's why I don't like him.
  13. I used to like him back in the 90s. Then he got a big head and became the center of the story rather than the host. Yes, only his opinion is sane and everyone else is unreasonable.
  14. Rubio said what he did to please the people that want gun control,cant u see he putting the chips in place for the white house! With the state of florida in his corner and the latino vote,safe to say its not if!...but when he get to the white house. No bueno amigo 😄
  15. Jerry

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    O'Reilly is the same as any other arrogant ass. He believes in "his interpenetration" of the constitution. He will twist any amendment to his liking and if you don't agree with his slanted view of it you're wrong. He's no friend of the Second. Everyone has a right to own firearms as long as they aren't black and scary and don't hold too many rounds in a "clip". And if you say the Second is to be used against government terrine than you're just a far-right-wing loon. Just ask him. Or just listen for a little while and he'll tell you.
  16. rubio and others trying to make a real name for themselves will play to both sides for the exposure.....few true constitutional and economical conservatives are around.

    i dont care for the social conservatives....holier than thou, those worried about homosexual marriages and all that...
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  17. I'll bet Rubio never carries even though he has a permit. Just for show to pander to the gun crowd.
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  19. Classy.

    Merry Kreesma fron Hialeah!
  20. Rubio said something about dialog with the antis, I asked his office if we should have "warm and fuzzy dialog" with the communists who stole his property and his country?

    Do you have "dialog" with the mentally ill socialists who steal your property, and pass laws to inprison you? Unnatural fears of firearms is mental illness.

    You would think that someone who lost Cuba, his property, and who had to flee like a dog, due to communist/socialist style gun control, would learn gun control leads to tyrany, but apparently not.....
  21. Jerry

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    Perhaps someday someone will be able to explain that to both of us. Blacks were slaves yet most support gun control. Jews were killed buy the thousands or millions (depending on what you believe) but the majority are for gun control. Hippies used to get the snot kicked out of them in the 60's. The majority are for gun control. I could go on but..... I just don't get it. :dunno:

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