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Semper Fi Old Marine

Discussion in 'The US Marine Corps Forum' started by racine, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. racine

    racine Millennium Member

    Whose woods are these, I think I know
    His house is in the village though
    He will not mind me stopping here
    The coldest day of the year
    The woods are lovely dark and deep
    But I have miles to go before I sleep
    Miles to go before I sleep...

    Dedicated to a dear friend, fellow shooter, Decorated Korean War Veteran ( joined at the age of 16), diversely skilled, prolific and talented shooter, gifted member of Al-Mar's old shooting team, rangemaster for Douglas Ridge Rifle Club-Oregon, mentor, father and Marine- Joe Cook. Rest in peace my friend, you have crossed the bar and will be well remembered and greatly missed...

    Semper Fi,
    91A/B/C USA