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selling 1993 vulcan 1500a bobber in NH

Discussion in 'Moto Club' started by NHGLOCKSTER1, Sep 21, 2005.


    NHGLOCKSTER1 Una-Stamus!

    Mar 11, 2003
    Keene, NH
    selling my rude mean, nasty Kawasaki vulcan 1500a, 88c.i., 4 spd, shaft driven, bobbed rear fender, lightweight plastic honda fender in front, taillight and plate side mount, corbin gunfighter seat, Harley deuce risers with 32" flat drag bar, flat black suede paint (not spray can, flat clear coat, done professionally), gas tank custom sculpted (material added to re-shape), traditional vulcan "ears" airfilters removed, custom open element air filters added. well maintained, oil changes, battery, plugs, etc. fast, loud and rude bike. 31k highway miles, no rust, always garaged. only way to describe bike, is it looks pissed off. ill post pics tonight. sacrifice for $1600. i live in NH, so act accordingly.
    email me or call for best way to contact me