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Sell an MMC AR?

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by chargingzebra, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. K. Foster

    K. Foster

    Feb 19, 2002
    That does not sound like proper staking. Make sure the bolts are tight, should take a 1/8 allen wrench. Contact MMC, then let us know what they said.
  2. chargingzebra


    Sep 15, 2012
    Rings are present and appear to be undamaged (I should hope so with 7 shots through it) only issue I see is the bolt is very tight in the BCG, tighter than any I've handled before. Will report back with what MMC has to say. Supposedly they have a great warranty program, and they are located only an hour away.

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  3. WoodenPlank

    WoodenPlank Who?

    May 15, 2010
    NW Florida
    This is my thought, too.

    Check the bolts on the gas key, make sure they are tight. Look to see if there are any carbon marks in a fan or starburst pattern coming from the base of the gas key.

    Bolts are usually pretty tight with new gas rings. Check the exterior surfaces of the bolt and interior surfaces of the carrier for any obvious burs or bumps.

    Check the channel the cam pin rides in, for bumps and such, too. If you can do so, swap your bolt, cam pin, and firing pin onto a different carrier.
  4. chargingzebra


    Sep 15, 2012
    Update: Visited MMC last week and they agreed with what most of you had said about the gas key. They were polite and accepted it without question and I didn't even show a receipt. The customer service guy said that it was either loose or debris had gotten between the gas key and the bolt carrier during assembly. He swapped out the whole BCG and did a test fire. It functioned without error with the 7 test shots he ran through it. I will shoot it this weekend for myself. I'll hold off judgement to sell or not until I've shot it again.

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  5. txleapd

    txleapd Hook 'Em Up

    Aug 27, 2004
    The answer to that question is, "Yes."

    There are a lot of suckers, right now, willing to pay stupid prices.

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  6. I have owned my MMC now for almost a year now and have nothing but good things to say about this rifle. I have never had a misfire with ANY ammo. I have used Rem .223 and Tulammo .223. I also shoot reload through it with no problems at all. I paid $750 for it at the height of the craziness of the weapons ban. I'm glad I bought it. For no one knowing about them, everyone sure seems to be bashing them. When this company first started building AR's, they weren't doing that great of job and that's when MMC started getting bad reviews. The kinks have since been worked out and they shoot fine. I was skeptical when I first got mine, but figured that $750 was worth the risk during the time when I purchased it.