Sell an MMC AR?

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by chargingzebra, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. I bought an MMC upper to put on my home built Surplus Ammo and Arms lower, it's got green Magpul furniture and sights. I've heard a lot of negative reviews about MMC after I bought it. Still haven't shot the thing, still brand new, wondering if I should just sell it for a profit in the panic buy and be done with it? Anyone had any personal experience with this company?

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  3. Would MMC be Mega Machine? If so the only thing IIRC is hearing their lowers were out of spec...
    So you've never even fired the complete weapon to see how it runs?
    If you're really not into ARs or if you already have other AR rifles I guess it would be a good time to sell.

  4. mvician

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    Mega Machine (Mega Arms) makes some of the best lowers on the market.
  5. Then I must have been thinking of another brand, I never hear much about Mega. This is the the first time I have heard of Moore Machine Company and so far nothing positive.
  6. Moore's Machining Co in NC. It's my only AR but if it's a piece of junk I won't keep it. How much will firing it drop resale value? No, haven't fired it. This is my first build and I was not sure if you should or not. The upper has been factory fired, though.
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  7. M&P15T

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    I think you're gonna find that no one knows anything about MMC, so no one can tell you anything about it. In fact, it would be incumbant upon you, to tell folks here what the specs of your rifle are. We can't guess. No one here can tell you if your AR is a piece of junk. We didn't build it, we don't own it.

    How about you just tell us what you're really thinking? Do you think you can for it right now?
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  8. ImageUploadedByOHubCampfire1356185624.663431.jpg ImageUploadedByOHubCampfire1356185642.562819.jpg ImageUploadedByOHubCampfire1356185654.698165.jpg

    Guess I should have been a bit more descriptive. MMC 16" upper, not sure on the twist, M4 type barrel. BCG is made of this metal that's kinda scratchy, like a charcoal briquette or something. (!) Standard lower parts kit from CMMG, stripped lower from Surplus Ammo and Arms. Will return the Magpul buttstock after the holidays to Botach because they sent me the wrong color. Total cost so far has been $713. Would like to sell and make as close to 1k as I can with the inflated market.
  9. And now we get to what the OP really wants to know:
    “Can I sell this piece of crap for a huge profit?”
    MMC is virtually unknown. A quick search does show some quality issues which are what happens when Joe Lunchbox thinks because he owns a couple CNC machines, he’s ready to be the next John Noveske or Reed Knight. The bottom line is you won’t know how the gun performs until you shoot it. There may not be anything wrong with it but you don’t want to hurt it’s resale value by finding out.
    Given the current state of the market, you may make some money selling it to a rube but because of MMC’s limited reputation, you won’t unload that on a knowledgeable AR guy.
  10. Your bolt carrier should not be anything like a charcoal briquette. Lol.

    They are another small assembler of an upper from parts. If you don't want it and want to make a buck from the current climate sell it. If it shoots well and you want it keep it.

    Mega is usually MMS. Their uppers have "Mega" on the side. Their forged lowers have checkering on the magwell front and their billet lowers have a toothed pattern on the magwell front.
  11. K. Foster pretty much hit the nail on the head. Appreciate the input.
  12. TangoFoxtrot

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    DON"T SELL IT!!!! unless you really need the cash!
  13. M&P15T

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    I must respectfully disagree.

    Right at this very moment, the OP could probably get $2000+.

    He could then wait until all this (hopefully) blows over, and get a quality AR once the prices drop back down.

    I say, sell that *****. Wait. Get something far better.
  14. M&P15T
    Yea he could sell it then Fienstiens bill gets passed and he can't buy another! He has an AR now why sell it! Cause he wants to rip someone off for 100% profit on an unkonown quality home build AR! I'm sure he can fine some smuck out there today to pay way over what it's wurth.:faint: Personally I wouldn't give him a dime for it cause he wouldn't even shoot his own build?:steamed:
  15. The OP obviously does not like the gun anyway, I would sell it while you can probably get your money back. I never understood the "once I buy a gun I never sell it" guys. I never buy a gun intending to sell or trade it off but if I end up not liking it I usually replace it with something else.

    I think the people selling pmags for $60-$150 each and $600 ARs for $1500 are dicks but if someone is willing to pay that much then oh well.

    I havn't really bought much in the last two weeks because anyone could have seen the possibility of this coming and stocked up last year when prices were back down.
  16. I respectfully disagree with your assessment of Moore's Machine Company. They are certainly not "Joe Lunchbox" with a a couple of CNC machines.

    They're easily one of the largest contract manufacturing companies in North Carolina. Have been around for many, many years.

    They do everything from 1000 pound parts for construction equipment to small aluminum parts.

    They care about their customers and their reputation.

    They're a customer of mine.

    All the best,
    D. White
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  17. Update: shot the MMC AR-15 today for the first time. Out of seven shots, one cycled correctly. I was appalled. The issue was that the spent brass would start to eject, then get caught in the chamber cocked slightly to the right, thus keeping the bolt open. (See pic). I then shot 3 shots using my buddy's Noveske bolt carrier group in my AR, and it functioned flawlessly. With all shots I shot a 3 in group at 25 yards. I will be contacting MMC after the weekend. As soon as this thing is fixed I'm selling it. Any ideas on what is causing this?


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  18. If using your buddies bolt made it worked flawlessly.....I'm just taking a guess here but it be the bolt carrier....

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  19. Sorry to hear that. Check the bolts on your gas key. They need to be tight and staked in place.
  20. This! Also, check your gas rings - if they are very worn or missing, that can cause this problem.
  21. @Actionmonkey, yeah that's what I figured. Had a hunch that was it, that's why we swapped them out for a few shots.

    Gas key is staked with the style of the line across the top as opposed to the indents on the side of the screws.

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