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  1. Mas,

    From reading about various self-defense situations, it seems that the aftermath is often more stressful than the event. People participating in 'good' shootings get arrested, go to jail and face civil suits. I think I recall an article you wrote where a police officer went to jail after killing, in self defense, the murderer of his partner.

    So, what do you think about self-defense insurance that is offered by some? The NRA has one they suggest and I have seen others. Do you think these a worthy investment? Ie there a policy or policies with which you are familier and would suggest?

  2. Mas Ayoob

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    I'm partial to Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network, ACLDN. I've seen them in action. They get the job done.

    I am one of their advisors, so due to that connection I avoid conflict of interest by not commenting on other plans. Info is available at


  3. Mas,

    Thanks for the info. I will take a look.


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