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Self Defense Gun and Archery Shooting Range

Discussion in 'Florida Glockers Club' started by Mortgage Helper, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Located in Port Saint Lucie

    Stopped in today as I do when i'm in the area. They were packed, every lane taken with people waiting. I asked if they had 9mm in and the response was "yeah, at a pretty price", how much? "28.00 a box" Holy Crap! Fiocci 9mm 115Gr FMJ = 28.00 a box of 50 rounds!!!!
  2. Parasite

    Parasite Resident Cynic

    Jun 17, 2008
    Port Saint Lucie, FL
    those guys have never been anything but rude to me. at their range AND at their store location near the Roosevelt Bridge.

    (please tell me the last half of the story involves you NOT giving them your money)
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  3. They have been cool to me however not cool enough to drop prices, and nope. didn't get any of my money "today" ;)
  4. A guy at WalMart told me today these gun dealers come in and clean them out and then resell the stuff at crazy prices. Thats why they went to the 6 box limit.

    I fortunately have not had too many rude run-ins lately. I certainly would not do business with them.
  5. Where in Central FL are you? Near the now infamous Shoot strait?
  6. Polk County. All three Shoot Straights are about 60 miles from me. I was at the Apoka store on Sunday. We almost went to Casselberry, but decided against it becuse there are only 6 shooting lanes, Tampa and Apoka have 13 and 15. I prefer to shoot outside at Tenoroc Shooting Club in Lakeland.
  7. Yea , same here , they suck.:steamed: I v knowed the owner for years and he even turned on me as well.Ive i use to spend alot of $$$$$$ Maybe about $9,000 in guns rifles and bows or more in 5 years and he and his sales people are rude and ass holes... its a shame. GREAD ruins people!!