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Self Defense and Home Protection Info Needed

Discussion in 'Heart of Dixie Glockers' started by git_r_dun0405, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. git_r_dun0405

    git_r_dun0405 5FDP

    May 26, 2004
    Auburn Alabama
    Hi Ya'll! Long time no see. I am currently in the process of moving back to Good Ol' Alabama my birth place.

    I was just wondering if any of you good gentlemen and/or ladies could point me and my new wife to a place where we can both study up on or train to defend our home in a self defense/ home protection situation. Now me, Im a shoot first ask questions later type of guy. ;) But my ol lady is STRICTLY by the books. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Git!
  2. well here in Alabama you both will be happy.... the "stand your ground" bill passed a couple of years ago, which protects you from criminal and civil liability in the event of a SD shooting.

    specifically what kind of training are you looking for? and where are you moving to? what part of Alabama, that is?