Self-Defense 9mm Ammo

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  2. speer gold dot 124 +p,

    if you can find it federal HST 147 or 147 +p,

    something that just roars is doubletap 147 +p bonded hp, if its in stock buy some, haven't seen any in a while, it used a 147 grain gold dot bonded hollow point, with a +p loading as close to the upper limits your gonna get without an expert loading his own rounds.

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    federal HST 147gr +p .... just about makes a 9mm behave like weak a .40 , and for a +p round it very soft shooting. both statements are just my opinion.
  4. Cor Bon 90 gr +p jhp has an independently measured muzzle velocity of nearly 1600 fps for a 6"+ barrel such as my favorite- a G17L. Cor Bon says velocity rules, and my rusty remembering of physics backs that claim.
    IRL, the results can be different. What aspects am I missing? I haven't seen data on expansion reliability for different bullets in heavy clothes that rules out the Cor Bon. The higher velocity expands the bullet and gives it decent penetration.

    What do LEO's use?
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    I've been researching defensive ammo for 9mm for a few days now and I think I've settled on Gold Dot 124 +P's for my Glock 34. I may also try out some standard pressure 147gr HST's. The +P HST's don't get as much penetration for a tad more expansion. I prefer the most penetration I can get in a given load.

    I am just happy there's so much great technology out there in the bullet world to give us all of these choices!
  7. There are many good choices out there, and the 124gr +p Gold Dots are among the best. Practice and carry with confidence.
  8. I've been carrying but have yet to shoot any of, Winchester PDX1 9mm +P 124g JHP.. is this a pretty decent round?

    I picked up a box of 20 last time I was at the gun shop and use it in my daily carry as well as spare magazine.
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  9. You should shoot quite a few through all your magazines before trusting it as your carry round. I know they're expensive, but I wouldn't carry anything I hadn't tested.

    Just because it's a name brand tested and carried by many, it still might have problems in your equipment.

    When I bought a G30 earlier this year, I figured I would carry either Speer GD 230gr or Winchester Ranger 230gr, so I bought 50 rounds of each. The Rangers jammed in 4 of the 5 magazines I tested, although many have fired hundreds of them without issue in the same model. I bought 200 more rounds of the Gold Dot and didn't carry them until at least 100 were shot without issue.
  10. Good point, I can't say how they will perform out of the gun, whether feeding good or accurate because I haven't shoot any, I'm bad about that :whistling:
  11. I use a few in various guns but 124 Gold Dots is my normal carry but I guarantee that the bad guys can't tell the difference from 124 or 147.
  12. i USE SAME...
  13. Yep, HST 147gr +P in my Glock 19. Chrono'd it at about 1021fps average.
  14. I run Speer gold dots, when I was first in the market for them we used old telephone poles soaked in water to see the way the bullet would expand. While all the major brands shot well and expanded, the speer's were the most reliable.
  15. The 9mm was invented on the 124gr however, the best results in shootings have come from 115gr standard +P, +P+, with the 9mm being marginal I perfer the +P+ I have personal experince with and I carry Corbon's 115gr +P JHP it acts like a +P+ at 1350fps

    The best bullet weights are 115-127gr

    The 147gr have a poor street record

    the 124-127gr have come in second in shootings behind the 115gr
  16. 1989.
  17. [ame=""]Federal HST 9mm 147 gr JHP SIM-TEST w/Denim - YouTube[/ame]

    I am getting a Gen4 17 this weekend. I think I am gonna use this as a sd load. I have heard nothing but good things.

    In my edc, a S&W 442, I carry hornady critical defense 110 grain +p. I like them for the lack of recoil, even in a 15 oz gun. But since this a larger gun which will probably not be concealed, recoil is not as big of an issue. These hsts seem like some badass rounds!
  18. ATK's side-by-side ammo comparisons give standard pressure 124-grain HST at 13.5" penetration and .66" expansion.

    All things being equal I prefer having a higher velocity bullet achieving the same results as a slower one.

    Question: If the 147-grain .355 bullet traveling 1005 fps is a good round what does anyone think of the same bullet at 1250 fps? Advantages/disadvantages?
  19. Interesting comments given your signature line.
  20. If your ability to shoot the two are equal, choose the one with the higher velocity. I would caution not to choose ammunition loaded by boutique mills that load bullets past their design window.

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