Seems like ammo prices are falling

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by emt1581, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. emt1581

    emt1581 Curious Member

    Last year someone said that ammunition prices run in cycles and that the bubble would soon burst. Well at the time I had just sold a case of Aluminum Blazer 9mm for $350+ so I said it was hogwash and didn't believe it.

    Well I just got back from Wally-World. Bought 17 boxes of Federal 9mm for $9.47 a box. Now that's not as cheap as a few years ago when Blazer was $4.15 a box but I'm also not seeing $18 boxes either anymore.

    I'm hoping prices come back down to the $5-$6 range but I don't really see that happening with 9mm.

    What do yall think? Will the bubble stay gone for a while?



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  2. stopatrain

    Lifetime Member

    Good deal!

  3. Federal has been $9.47 at Walmart for a long time. Prices aren't really coming down but availability is getting better. Personally I think people are just shooting/hoarding less after the initial run on demand in the last year and a half.
  4. Kalmah

    Kalmah Supreme Member

    I've noticed rifle ammo (for me that's 5.56 and 7.62x39) prices have come down to almost what they were or even below what they were prior to the 2008 presidential election when all this foolishness started.

    Handgun ammo isn't recovering quite so quickly. While it's certainly cheaper than it was about this time last year, it's still harder to find and significantly higher than it was before the election.

    Don't know why rifle ammo is recovering and handgun ammo isn't. I guess people are still hoarding handgun ammo.
  5. I'm finding 9mm WWB at every Wal-Mart I've stopped at in the last several weeks which is a good sign!
  6. I see the ammo shelves at Walmart and my local gun shops well stocked.
    380 Auto still seems in short supply - at the local gun shop for $25/50 rounds at gun shops. But I haven't seen it at Walmart.
  7. emt1581

    emt1581 Curious Member

    I haven't noticed that about rifle ammo. But then again, when I buy rifle ammo it's usually .223 or 7.62x39 Wolf. And that stuff is usually the cheapest to begin with.

    I just wish rifle ammo would go back down to the $75 per case SHIPPED that it was back in 2004 when I bought my first case of AK ammo.

  8. Kalmah

    Kalmah Supreme Member

    I was thinking more of early 2008 when I said before the election.

    In early to mid 2008, Russian 7.62x39 was going for around $180 per case shipped. Reloadable brass .223/5.56 was in the low $300's. The prices then skyrocketed after the election.

    At it's peak, if you could even find any, 7.62 was in the high $200's, and some places were charging over $300.

    .223/5.56 went up to the high $300's low $400's, and again that was if you could even find any.

    7.62 has since come down and is now around $200ish. I think I saw Cabela's recently had some on sale for like $186 or something, but that didn't include shipping. So it's almost back to where it was before the election.

    And .223 is pretty much back down to where it was two years ago.

    It would be nice to see sub $100 again on the 7.62x39, but I think those days are long gone.
  9. Njanear

    Njanear Nagant-ophile

    In my immediate area, Wally World has the Fed 9mm for $12.47 while I can go 2 hours up the road to see my parents and get the same stuff for $9.97. :dunno: I keep looking for the $9.47 stuff but haven't seen it yet.
  10. I can't find any cheap .45 ammo at Wally or when Bass Pro. They only had protection stuff on hand and not that much. The 9mm on the other hand, a decent amount of Feds and WWB but no 100 packs of WWB.
  11. emt1581

    emt1581 Curious Member

    First off, welcome to GT! :wavey:

    Interesting thing about the 100rd WWB's... they have them here. Now initially the bulk packs at wal-mart were cheaper per round than anything else in that caliber but now they are actually 25% or so more than the Federal far as 9mm goes.

    No real motivation to buy in bulk with pricing like that.

  12. At my local Wally I found this to be almost exactly the same except they had WWB 100s for $25 out the door. I asked the clerk why the shortage on .380/.45 and she said they're just not receiving it like they used to, and when they do it isn't much. Go figure :upeyes:
  13. Thank you! I've been waiting for so long to post anything on GT, but had to wait for the a-ok waiting period, its worse then waiting to get a new gun. LOL

    Anyways, I've thought about it as well, the 100 rounds WWB is around $23.XX and the Federals are $9.XX/ 50 rounds. For that I'll buy the Federals and shoot them all day long and not worry about Wally World running out. After all, most of the time it will be for target/range use only for me unless SHTF and I need to save all the ammo I have.

    Same reply I got, sucks because the guys tell me that there are hardcore old guys calling everyday and asking. Some come at 6 AM and wait to see if anything comes in and cleans them all out. I really regret not buying the Remington UMC 250 bulk pack when they had like 3-5 boxes. Next time I won't be caught slipping up on it!
  14. Buying ammo is like buyin fuel. I buy as much as I can when I can and if it goes down more so much the better. If it goes up well I'm ahead of the curve!
    Our wally world hasn't dropped their 9mm to less than $12.xx per box. I'll be first in line for anything un $10.00
  15. Here in Delaware the walmarts are stocked with ammo on the shelves. No price decreases yet.-- federal 9mm-9.47, 100WWB 9mm-23.97 100WWB 40sw-29.97, fed 40sw hst jhp135gr-22.97 one time thing. I bought up almost all the RWS 9mm 124gr at the 12.97 rollback. Same prices here since last increase in march/april. -Glock031
  16. I've noticed it locally and online. Supply is back up, and the economy is still down. That's a good situation for finding cheap ammo, and I've been taking full advantage.
  17. Here in CO supply is up, and so are prices. The prices haven't budged. $18-$23 for a box of 50 .40SW American Eagle or PMC Bronze. Most HP cartridges in the same caliber are $1-$1.30 per round.
  18. Bilbo Bagins

    Bilbo Bagins Slacked jawed

    Stock up now, because I think the next gun and ammo rush will start up again in 2011, with the 2012 presidential election and the 12/21/2012 EOTW panic.
  19. emt1581

    emt1581 Curious Member

    Well, while I think the gun/ammo rush last year was nonsense, in 2012, what's Obama's motivation NOT to go after guns/ammo?? He's not worried about re-election at that point. And look how determined he (and congress) was to push that healthcare bill through no matter what the people thought about it.

  20. hotpig

    hotpig IAFF Local 4766

    At the Distributor level I have not seen any across the board decreases. Plain target ammo is still hard to come by but it does seem that they are working on the back orders.

    Decreases are at the retail level, most of the mark ups are there. Many of the loads that I sale have had very little increase at the whole sale level since before Obomer became the world president.

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