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  1. Building a secure room under a detached garage. Poured concrete walls, floor, and ceiling. What type door do I use and where do I get it?

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  2. Master Security Door (locations in FL and GA) build the best on the market. A base model will run you about $1,500 for an interior application. That will get you a 4" thick door mounted in a steel frame with six live bolts on opening side and five dead bolts on hinge side. Home Depot is now also selling an Israeli built security door for about $700.00. It's got a three point lock and PVC frame....supposed to be a serious door but I have not seen one in person. They are new to the market here.

  3. I guess I should add that the Master Security Doors (Porte Blindate) are available in wood, steel or fiberglass while the Home Depot option is a fiberglass door.
  4. Can you explain a little further? Is it a pit under the garage for storage or a safe room for people?
  5. It will be a 12X20 area with 4 reinforced concrete walls and a reinforced concrete ceiling with a concrete floor located under a 32X50 garage. I will equip it to function as a storm shelter and provision it to last several months in case the situation is more serious than a storm. The entire underground area is 20X32. I will use the non secure area as storage.
  6. Be sure to get hydraulic jack that can lift that door after a lot of debris falls on it or you might get trapped in there.
  7. Will a cell phone work out of that or are you putting in a land line?
  8. Wouldn't you set it up so the door opens inside?
  9. Sure, go ahead and dump all the debris on your head and in your secure area. You can just get your tactical shovel and dig out.
    I'm with the poster that said to put a jack in to raise the door and debris.

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  10. Wait.....Is the door in the floor of the garage above or in an outside wall of the room below?
  11. build your own sliding pocket door.
  12. .......
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  13. To heck with the secure room, I want that Gun Room!!!:shocked:

    Although, the owner needs a few more guns.
  14. The door will be in an outside wall of the room below. Thanks for the leads on the door manufacturers. They both look promising.
  15. I may be misunderstanding your plans. But if it is to be under the garage won't you have to go down a flight of stairs to reach the door to your underground storage? If that is the case couldn't the stairwell be blocked by debris from the above ground structure. I am thinking in case of tornado damage or fire. If that is the case maybe a flat door through the floor of the garage leading down into the safe area and a secure door into the safe area through the wall.

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  16. Walk out the front of the garage turn left or right. Go to the back of the building where the basement door is located. The building is built on a slope so that the back is above ground.
  17. OK: I thought that may be the case but I was still thinkiing about a flat slab and a stairwell. The slope and outside wall takes care of the blocked exit. Good luck with your build.

    BTW, I have a steep slope on my land as well and have considered putting in a secure bunker in it as well.

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  18. I've got one quote along with specs this week and will get another today. The specs on the basement are impressive but so is the price. Hopefully the next quote will be lower. Private message me in 3 months if you want some info on what I did.

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