Second shoot with G20SF

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  1. Hello
    Well, round #2 and things are looking a bit better.
    I picked up some Speer 180gr TMJ. . It was the only FMJ bullet I could find at the time.
    I didn’t put much crimp on them, just enough to feel it a little bit and get the flare out.
    The Rainier’s are at least on the target this time.. J I realized I forget to load some Blue Dot though..
    Ok, first things first.. What’s with all the ‘flyers’? Many first rounds in a group flew off…
    Target # 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, and 23.
    When I chamber the first round, I pull the slide back vigorously and let the spring chamber the round.
    If I should be getting better groups than this, then I’m not controlling this gun very well.
    LONGSHOT.. I wonder why would 9.2grs be so different from 8.9 and 9.5? Except for the flyers the LONGSHOT groups are pretty tight.. and the velocities are right up there.
    Power Pistol did pretty well. Don’t know how much more, if any, I could push this powder. 8.6grs would be a good all-round plinker load.
    800-X seemed to tighten up as pressures increased… ‘cept for the flyers. The brass from 9.9grs looked great. Could go a bit further.
    11.0grs of AA#7 would have been a real tight group, if there wasn’t a flyer.

    After I was done with the 10mm, I shot some .40’s out of a Smith Sigma and didn’t have any flyer issues.
    Anyway, that’s what happened today..


    Oh, posting pictures is different here.. Maybe someone could show me how to do that here.

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  2. Lookin' good!!

  3. Looking better.

    I'm guessing, your circles are 8"?

    Your shooting from a "rest" or "off-hand"?
  4. Hey Buski

    Circles are the same size as the 'black' on a std 25yrd slow fire pistol target, 5½".. I made the template that size for that reason.

    This time, my forearms were resting on a sandbag, freeing my hands to grip the gun.

    While I gotcha on the line.. A few questions.

    First.. what’s with all those flyers?? Its always the first round that goes astray.. I put the rounds in the magazine then pull back on the slide vigorously to chamber the first round.. Never seen that before..

    Ok, about the results...

    About measuring the cases..
    I just keep turning the case in small increments until I get the 'fattest' reading.. Yes?

    Ok, well I don't get very consistent readings.

    Longshot 9.5grs. I noticed I got one smiley out of five rounds with this charge.

    The measurements were;
    .4349" (smiley)

    So is this the brass.. or ignition.. or bullet moving back on chambering..

    Since I only got one smiley I should reshoot this, maybe with a bit more taper crimp.

    I drew out a little graph so I could get a birds eye view of it..

    I was surprised to see Blue Dot not get to 1200fps with 11.1grs.
    .4339" ??

    I've not seen any loading data that listed max was over 11.0grs of BD. The brass is saying I could go to 11.4 I think.

    Also surprised to see that with the factory barrel, only two powders can get me to 1250fps with reasonable safety..
    Longshot and 800-X.
    The graph predicts 11.4grs BD to get close but not quite.

    AA#9 at 14.9grs will get close as well, and AA#7 will max out at 1200fps.

    Anyway, what do you think about all this?
  5. Good data here ... although I'm too busy here at work to respond fully ...
  6. RD,

    Ref your flier "?". Hard to say what is going on, w/out being there & watching you shoot and possibly shooting your gun myself.:supergrin:

    What I recommend...put 500rds through the gun, then make another "bench shooting" assesment. At this point, in your load assesment, I would disregard (ie not count) the fliers.

    Have you learned where to "grease" your G20?

    Good shooting.
  7. Well, haven't put very many rounds thru it yet, but I was going to clean it one of these evenings before shooting again.
    I was going to go over the manual when I did sit down to clean, but a helpful hint would be appreciated.
  8. Just got back from another 10mm shoot. Things are getting better.. Not so many ‘flyers’ this time.

    I’ve been shooting the Speer 180gr TMJ a lot, but recently I found a box of Hornady 180gr XTP’s locally and gave them a try.
    For some reason, the Longshot loads didn’t do very well today with grouping. But the Power Pistol loads were very good, especially with the Hornady bullet taking it out to 9.0grs.
    With the Speer bullet, I’m still not able to get into the 1200’s with Blue Dot, but was able to just break in with the XTP.
    AA #9 produced the best groups with both bullets, if you don’t count that one flyer.. One thing I noticed with this powder at 14.9grs and the XTP’s, I seated the bullet at 1.260” and checked them again later. The powder is so compressed, it pushed the bullet back out several thousands. Not enough to matter apparently.. Yes, five rounds went into target #24.. J Boy, did the XTP bullet wake up with AA #9!
    AA#7 did pretty good as well.
    800-X was pushed out to 10.2grs with no trouble. Cases miked ok and no visual signs. Could go a bit more I believe. Continues to be a good overall performer.
    3N37 didn’t like the Speers at all.. Terrible.
    Win 540 and 571 was an experiment inspired by a post on another forum. Kind of a waste of bullets..
    Well that’s about it this time.
  9. Very nice, working on getting my chrono. I haven't loaded any with Power Pistol yet, I am going to work up a batch this week and see how they work.

  10. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    I would place a small dot the size of a dime to give you a finer reference point for your target! "Aim Small - Miss Small" I'd bet your groups will be tighter also!

    Are you using CCI 350 primers with the Blue Dot loads? If you are not, then you will want to start lower and work up again.

    Keep up your good work!

  11. Lol.. like I could see a dime at 25 yards.. The front site is the same size as the 5½" circles.. We'll see..

    I was using Rem 2½ primers with the BD loads. So, you think CCI 350s are the way to go with BD..? Ok I'll give that a try..

    I've never found BD in other cartridges to be that difficult to ignite. But I have seen magnum primers being recommended a lot in 10mm.. could not understand why. So, maybe..
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  12. I would not use CCI350's for 10mm anything, really...

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