Second Amendment Freedom Rally in CHICAGO? Damn right!

Discussion in 'Illinois Glockers' Club' started by Gwinnydapooh, Jun 20, 2008.

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    (I'm looking for a charter bus going to Chicago that day from Springfield. If I don't find one, I'll look into chartering one myself. The cost per person shouldn't be bad, but if you have any interest in riding along let me know ASAP.)

    If you're from Illinois, and you're even curious about gun rights or concealed carry--even if you're pretty sure you're against the idea--you owe it to yourself to get to Chicago on July 1th. We had somewhere between 2000-2700 in Springfield for IGOLD this year, and it was damn impressive. We need more than that in Chicago. If you live north of I-80 in Illinois and you're tired of having your rights trampled, this is a no-brainer. If you're from "down here" in the rest of the state, understand that Chicago is the political and economic center of this state. There are twice as many voters in the Chicago area as there are in the rest of the state combined! That means we need Chicago. We CANNOT afford to concede Chicago to the anti-liberty bunch anymore. Come join us and make history.

    I know for certain my whole clan will be there, from mom and dad to the twins to little baby Sean (or, as we call him, Bam-Bam.)

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  2. I'll be there and at least one other IN guy I know. The least I can do since I ***** all the time about the IL laws.

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    Crap! I'd be there but I didn't hear about this until today and I already promised my kids we'd go camping that week/weekend and made the reservationa already. :(
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    Come on folks, it doesn't get more important than this.
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    If you can't join us, and you'd still like to help, the ISRA has a link for donations specifically intended to help with the Second Amendment Freedom Rally. You can also send a check, which would mean none of your donation goes to the credit card companies. Don't feel bad if you don't have it to spare, but if everyone who can't come would donate the cost of parking in Chicago, we could probably pay for the event from donations alone.
  6. I posted this on another forum in hopes of increasing the attendance.

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