Screw broke on my micro.

Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by Teecher45, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. I've had an Aimpoint H1 since last summer and wanted to switch it out from my AR to my AK. As I was tightening the factory base the screw broke. I was using the supplied tool and don't think I over tightened it.
    I have contacted Aimpoint 4 times, twice by phone (left messages) and twice by email. I know I can buy a quick release for about $40 but, why should I? And I don't really want a quick release. Anyone know of anywhere I can buy a replacement screw?
    Any other suggestions? Thanks guys...

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  3. Home Depot has a specialy hardware bin, I'd look in there. maybe Radio Shack or your local gunsmith, they're always nice to make friends with anyhow.

  4. Keep at it trying to contact Aimpoint. They will usually send out a new screw to you immediately, no questions asked.

    That said, you could bring the broken screw along to a hardware store, keep in mind it's a metric thread.
  5. I sent another email tonight. Thanks.

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  6. RPVG

    Do you know what size it is? If so, just google it. You'll find all kinds of suppliers.
  7. Well, I've tried every hardware store within an hour and a half. Everyone I've talked to at these stores has told me I won't find one anywhere but Aimpoint.
    I've contacted them 3 more times this week.
    Open to suggestions...
  8. RPVG

    Do you know the size and thread pitch?
  9. No. No one could tell me.
    They think it is a metric but it is somewhere between a #3 and 4.
    I've looked all over the Aimpoint site and can't find the specs.
    It frustrates me very much that I can't get Aimpoint to answer the phone or email.
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  10. RPVG

    Hmmm. There oughta be a machinist or gunsmith nearby who can measure it and tell you exactly what it is. Once you know that, you can google the size and find a supplier.

    I had to go through the same drill recently when I lost a tiny setscrew for my LaserLyte rear sight. I ended up buying 50 of them for around $5. I kept a dozen and gave the rest to my LGS in case some else has a similar problem.
  11. That's very decent of you RPVG. I'm gonna give Aimpoint another week. If no answer I'll seek out help like your talking about.
    Thanks for sticking with me and helping.
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  12. RPVG

    If you want to try one of the setscrews I got for my LaserLyte, I'd be happy to send you a couple. Hit me up off-line. My email is bob (at) bobgentile (dot) com.
  13. See what you think.
    It's about an inch long, 3/4 of length slick, no threads, seems metric, between a #3 and 4, very fine threads.
  14. RPVG

    No go. The setscrews I have are 2-56 and they're only 1/4" long. Sorry.
  15. I googled AImpoint Micro mounting screw and got tons of results. Looks like you need:
    10-32 x 1 1/8" Slotted Pan Head Screw
  16. Thanks. Found one on optics planet. Again, thank you for the help guys.

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