Scott and Stonebridge are Back

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  1. are there ony 8 episodes? bitin!

    anybody remember the movie Hollow Man?
    Yung invisible si Kevin Bacon and he raped his very beautiful neighbor?
    That hottie was a very young Major Rachel Dalton

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  2. new episodes are released Sat or Sunday - meron na 8? 7 was released last Sat pa lang. Last year up to 10 ata sila

  3. cebuboy

    cebuboy toy soldier

    Just watched the series starting with the first season, then got disappointed why they have to kill John porter in the second season...
  4. fx77


    really do like this show...
  5. Let's promote this show sa US just so there will be a season 4( season 3 in the US ) :)

    Four Reasons You Should Be Watching Strike Back
    BY Marc Bernardin

    You probably haven't been watching Strike Back, on Friday nights at 10 p.m. on Cinemax. I know I wasn't. When I do think about watching Cinemax, it's usually for one re.ason—which has nothing to do with action-adventure. And that almost never happens because, well, Internet.

    I was making a disastrous error in prejudgment: It turns out that Strike Back—which is barreling to the close of its second season—is a singular achievement on modern television. Why? I'm glad you asked.

    1. It's the first real videogame-inspired show. Strike Back follows two agents—the Brit Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) and the American Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton)—who, in working for British Intelligence's Section 20, travel to exotic locales and blow them up. Every episode, and I mean every episode, finds Stonebridge and Scott assaulting a hardened location, head-shotting dozens of bad guys in the process, clearing rooms, cracking wise, and sweating like studs. Hours of Strike Back feel like levels in Call of Duty and seasons feel like campaigns, in the best possible way. Shot on location in Africa—a welcome change from U.S. television's insistence on filming the **** out of Canada's every nook and cranny—Strike Back feels like a huge enterprise, filled with disposable non-player characters ripe for the killing.

    2. Boobs. It's on Cinemax, man, and the producers take full advantage of that. Our introduction to Damien Scott, disgraced U.S. special forces veteran, finds him rather athletically bedding an Asian prostitute...who loves him, of course, because he is a big-ass hero with a natural +2 against panties. Scott will find a way to drop trou and get into it with some random exotic beauty wherever he is—in the middle of an undercover sting, as gunshots are ringing out during a terrorist attack on a hotel, whatever. It's exploitation, to be sure, and the producers have no problem steering into that particular skid. Sometimes, it seems like Scott is on some noble quest to catalog every possible color that nipples come in. Gotta collect 'em all!

    3. Explosions. There are a lot of them.

    4. Because it is about something. For all of it's surface pleasures—and there are a lot of surface pleasures—Strike Back is really the story of two catastrophically damaged men, grievously injured by the things they do for Queen and country and money. Stonebridge tries to build himself a family life (which doesn't end well) to spackle over the fractures in his psyche while Scott hides from himself in a booze-tinged cocoon of empty sex and adrenaline. Much in the same way that Battlestar Galactica delivered a heady sociological examination of wrecked people in a wrecked world by hiding it in a show about pretty people in sleek spaceships killing robots, Strike Back is about the costs of asymmetrical warfare on the people who wage it. The melted cheese of nudity and profanity and violence—of pure pulp storytelling—just helps it go down easier.

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  6. Cebuboy,he quit the show for the movie The Hobbit of peter Jackson
  7. cebuboy

    cebuboy toy soldier

    Oh.. hehe so we won't see the plot against the CIA then...
  8. watched the final episode
    Mas suspense ang finale last season
    Mas maganda lang ang barilan ngayon

    will there be a seasaon 4( 3 in the US )?

  9. Ilan episodes ba - 10 lang? I have the last one na watching it tonight
  10. yes, ep 10 is the last
    Watched in online last night
  11. Finished it!!! Hope there would be a next!!!


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