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SC Sunday beer sales?

Discussion in 'Carolina Glockers' started by The Pontificator, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. The Pontificator

    The Pontificator Angry Samoan

    Sep 18, 2000
    What counties in SC have sunday off-premises beer sales? I've seen 2 different stores in my in Yemassee (off 95) and the other at the interection of Ladson Road and Dorchester Road in...N. Charleston?
  2. It's based on the amount of accomodations tax money they generate. Horry, Georgetown, and Charleston for sure. It is a separate Sunday only license

    Biennial retail beer and wine permits

    I. Requirement. If you intend to sell beer or wine or if you intend to furnish beer or wine in the cost of other goods or services, you must have a retail permit to sell beer and wine (§ 61-4-500). It is a crime to operate a business that should have a retail beer and wine permit without first obtaining the permit (§ 61-4-560). In addition, all beer or wine on the premises becomes contraband, and must be seized by law enforcement officers (§ 61-4-150).

    II. Application. Applications may be obtained by contacting the Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Section at (803) 898-5864, or by calling fax on demand at 1-800-768-3676 or (803) 898-5320. Application forms are also available on the Department's website at It is a crime to furnish false information on the application.

    a. Fees. The initial application requires a nonrefundable filing fee of $300. Permits cost $600 every two years.

    III. Expiration dates of permits. Beer and wine permits expire according to the county where the licensed premises is located (§ 61-2-120). The expiration dates are the last day of:

    a. February in years which end in an:

    A. Odd number for Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell, Beaufort, and Berkelely Counties;

    B. Even number for Charleston, Clarendon, Colleton, Dorchester, Georgetown, Hampton, Jasper, and Williamsburg Counties;

    b. May in years which end in an:

    A. Odd number for Cherokee, Chester, Chesterfield, Darlington, Dillon, Fairfield, Florence, and Horry Counties;

    B. Even numbers for Lancaster, Marion, Marlboro, Union, and York Counties;

    c. August in years that end in:

    A. Odd number for Calhoun, Kershaw, Lee, Orangeburg, and Sumter Counties;

    B. Even number for Richland County;

    d. November in years which end in an:

    A. Odd number for Abbeville, Aiken, Anderson, Edgefield, Greenville, and Greenwood Counties;

    B. Even number for Laurens, Lexington, McCormick, Newberry, Oconee, Pickens, Saluda, and Spartanburg Counties.

    IV. Permit renewal. File your renewal application at least thirty days before your permit expires. A timely renewal by mail will prevent you from having to wait in a lengthy line. If you allow your permit to expire, you cannot sell beer and wine, and you will have to pay a filing fee to obtain your permit. You may be required to re-advertise, and a new SLED investigation may be required. If you owe delinquent taxes, interest, or penalties, your permit will not be renewed (§ 61-2-160).

    V. Sales tax license required. In addition to your beer and wine permit, before you sell any item, you must first obtain a retail business license (sales tax license) from the South Carolina Department of Revenue (§ 12-36-510). There is a one-time fee of fifty dollars for this license.

    VI. Federal special occupational tax. Prior to selling beer or wine, you must also pay a Federal Special Occupational Tax. This tax is due before commencing the business to sell beer and wine, and thereafter, on or before July 1 each year at the rate of $250. For detailed information and taxpayer assistance contact the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, National Revenue Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, toll-free at 1-800-937-8864, or 513-684-2979. For tax returns, ATF F 5630.5, and instructions, you may visit or write to: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms, Room 8002 Federal Office Building, 550 Main Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.

    VII. Special seven days retail beer and wine permits. In counties and municipalities that have held a public referendum and the public has approved, retailers may apply for a special permit that allows the sale of beer and wine seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day for off premises consumption (§ 61-4-510). The cost of this permit is one thousand dollars per year. These permits are available in the following jurisdictions: Charleston County, and the municipalities of Beaufort, Edisto Island, Hilton Head Island, Port Royal, Yemassee, and Bluffton.

    VIII. Special permits for businesses that close on Saturday for religious purposes. A person who closes his business establishment or refrains from operating his business on Saturdays for religious reasons may, upon filing an affidavit of closing on Saturdays for religious reasons, be allowed to sell beer and wine on Sundays (§ 61-4-620). This special permit is available only in those counties that have authorized special seven days retail beer and wine permits. The cost for this special permit is an additional fifty dollars per year.

    IX. Sale of beer and wine at locations with a minibottle license. If you have a minibottle license for your premises, in addition to the hours shown below in Paragraph X, it is legal to sell beer and wine any time that you can lawfully sell minibottles (61-4-120). You may also sell wine not in excess of twenty-one percent by volume (§ 61-4-570). Wine containing alcohol between 16% and 21% (by volume) may be sold only to be consumed on the premises. Wine containing less than 16% may be sold to be consumed on the premises, and may be sold to go.

    X. Hours. Unless you have one of the special permits listed above, State law authorizes you to sell beer and wine twenty-four hours a day, except between the hours of twelve-o'clock Saturday night and sunrise Monday morning (§ 61-4-120). Caution: If beer or wine is delivered to any person from a place of business between the hours of twelve o'clock Saturday night and sunrise Monday morning, all beer and wine found in the place of business is contraband, and must be seized by law enforcement officers.

    XI. Alcohol content. The alcohol in beer cannot exceed five percent by weight (§ 61-4-10 and SLED Regulations 7-47 & 7-77). Wines containing more than sixteen percent of alcohol by volume may be sold only in liquor stores, or by locations with a minibottle license (§ 61-4-770). Beer containing less than ½ percent alcohol by volume is not regulated by the State of South Carolina as a beer or alcoholic beverage.

    XII. Licensed premises. Licensed premises includes those areas normally used by the permittee to conduct his or her business and includes, but is not limited to the following: Selling areas, storage areas, food preparation areas, and parking areas. A separate permit is required for each separate and distinct area in which beer or wine is sold (SLED regulation 7-81).

    XIII. Change g to comply with requirements (§ 61-4-270). However, in lieu of
    COUNTIES: LOP 7-Day Beer & Wine

    Beaufort Yes Yes

    Charleston Yes Yes

    Georgetown Yes Yes

    Horry Yes Yes

    Lexington Yes No

    Richland Yes No


    Aiken Yes Yes

    Bluffton Yes Yes

    Daniel Island Yes Yes

    North Charleston Yes Yes

    (Charleston Cty.)

    North Charleston Yes Yes

    (Berkeley Cty.)

    North Charleston Yes Yes

    (Dorchester Cty.)

    Edisto Beach Yes Yes

    Goose Creek Yes Yes

    Greenville Yes Yes

    Hilton Head Yes Yes

    Port Royal Yes Yes

    Rock Hill Yes No

    Santee Yes No

    Spartanburg Yes No

    Summerville Yes Yes

    (Charleston Cty.)

    Summerville Yes Yes

    (Berkeley Cty.)

    Summerville Yes Yes

    (Dorchester Cty.)

    Tega Cay Yes No

    Yemassee Yes Yes

    License Type: form # to Nonrefundable Biennial

    Apply Filing Fee license fee


    *Off-premises beer and wine permit ABL901 $300.00 $ 600.00

    *On-premises beer and wine permit ABL901 $300.00 $ 600.00

    *7-day beer and wine permit ABL901 $300.00 $ 2,200.00

    *Brewpub permit ABL901 $300.00 $ 2,200.00

    *Sunday/Sabbath beer and wine permit ABL901 $300.00 $ 700.00

    *Business liquor by drink license ABL901 $200.00 $ 1,700.00

    *Nonprofit private club liquor by drink license ABL901 $200.00 $ 1,700.00

    *Retail liquor license ABL901 $200.00 $ 1,400.00

    *Alcoholic liqueurs cooking license ABL901 $ -0- $ 250.00

    120 day temporary beer & wine ABL901 $ -0- $ 25.00

    120 day temporary nonprofit or business ABL901 $ -0- $ 25.00

    (restaurant/hotel/motel) minibottle license)

    120 day temporary retail liquor license ABL901 $ -0- $ 25.00


    *Brewery or winery ABL902 $ -0- $ 400.00

    *Beer & Wine Wholesaler's License ABL902 $300.00 $ 2,200.00

    *Liquor Wholesaler's License ABL902 $200.00 $20,200.00

    *Liquor Manufacturer's License ABL902 $200.00 $50,200.00

    If you've lived here long enough you can remember brown bagging permits for restaurants

  3. The Pontificator

    The Pontificator Angry Samoan

    Sep 18, 2000
    I'm assuming the "Yes/No" cities and counties offer Sunday ON PREMISES sale but not off premises. Correct?
  4. Yes on left side is Licensed On Premise only

    Yes on right side if 7 day OP sales.

    That said it is also up to the individual business if they want to pay the extra $$$ for Sunday sales $700 to be able to sell on Sunday isn't worth it in a lot of places. Used to be fun explaining the blue laws to the tourists. In Pennsylvania I can buy beer any time. They forget they have to go to a bar and buy it if they want less than a case. In New York you can buy any time, my line was always you need to be drunk to vote for some of the people you guys elected.

    Pontificator if you can find me a trade 639 for a 659 or 5906 smith I'll get you 2 cases on Sunday.
  5. If I find myself in the emergency situation of being out of beer on Sunday I just cruise into Ft Jackson with my retired National Guard ID and Ft Jackson sticker on my truck and buy all I need. Cheaper too, and no tax.
  6. Sgt. Schultz

    Sgt. Schultz Annoying Member

    Sunday emergencies aside, I found the prices on beer cheaper at Greens and on occasion even Wal-Mart ... you can save a good bit on liquor at the fort, especially if you’re buying several bottles for a party.
  7. Sarge

    Just remember everything here in Myrtle Beach is higher. If I wasn't taking muscle relaxers for my back I'd be doing home brewing for beer and wine. What the heck I think I'm going to order the kit anyhow. Just tell the wife it's Christmas presents for her family she'll go for it their Italian, inly thing they don't drink wine with is cheerios and her grandfather turns 90 this year. Only ones in either of our families that didn't make it to at least 90 were the ones that didn't drink. Maybe there is something to that glass or 3 of wine thing.
    To those who are about to flame me I am not recommending that any one drink anything including water unless your Dr. recomends it. Legal disclaimer ended for those who feel that our country has not become sue happy enough.