Sbr worth it or not?

Discussion in 'Free Fire Zone' started by Usmcfox, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. I was looking into getting a short barrel piston ar. I know the procedures but has anyone here gone through them, and is it really worth it? I know it might be costly, but I've always wanted one and am celebrating an out of debt/ divorce.

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  3. I have one and am now waiting on my second class II NFA item, so to me it's worth it. It sucks you have to pay the $200 and do all the BS, but I prefer to do such things legally, and I don't see those kind of items getting any easier to get.

    However, I wish I would not have bought a Stag instead of a Colt; seemed like a good idea at the time because the Stag was nearly identical as far a specs. for about $500 less.

    I have been thinking about getting an SBR version of the Rock River PDS; also I'm pretty sure I saw a 10.3" version of Colt's 6940 at Knesek Guns.

    ETA: I have heard of having to wait up to 6 months for paperwork to go through, but on mine the whole process from ordering the gun to owning it was 2 months or under, IIRC.

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  4. Mine took 59 days in September/November '10, but the wait started getting really bad last spring. Last I talked to the Title II dealer near my house, he was seeing 5-6 month wait times.

    OP, I have done it as well - Spike's lower with an LMT 10.5" upper. If I had to do it all again (and had the money) the only things I would change would be to perhaps get an 11.5" barrel, and definitely a different rail system. I love my SBR, otherwise, and I'm glad I went through the work to get it.
  5. Hopefully the one I'm waiting on right now(been almost 3wks already) doesn't take that long as I am also wanting a suppressor and some other items but don't want to be waiting on more than one at a time.
  6. i too am currently wanting to go sbr really badly. im even thinking of selling my remington 700 .308 to fund the project. im thinking about registering my current stag lower and adding a 10" .300 AAC Blackout upper to it.
  7. I have yet to see a 10" .300 barrel. I have seen plenty of 8" and 9", though. The nice thing about doing a Form 1 on an existing lower is you can shoot it with your 16" upper while waiting on paperwork.

    Zhix: You're probably looking at summer before you get your paperwork back. The ATF changed the inspector assignments a few months ago, so you won't have the same inspector as you did last time, either. Try giving them a call once the check clears, and see what your inspector's backlog is like.
  8. Oh, it is worth it.

  9. For a normal gun I don't see much benefit with an SBR. I think they really shine in suppressed guns. A 16" barrel with an 8" can gets a bit cumbersome. An SBR let's you keep the entire package at a reasonable length. I'm getting my SBR and second suppressor paperwork ready to send now.
  10. I wanted an SBR I bought a Rock River pistol AR with a 10.5 inch barrel. Even a child can use the buffer tube in place of a stock. There aint much recoil to speak of.
  11. Mayhem like Me

    Mayhem like Me Semper Paratus

    I built a very nice 10.5 inch 5.56 SBR with the following components.

    Adams Arms Carbine version with teh one piece carrier.

    Hard chrome plated bolt

    POF Roller cam pim

    ADCO 1 x7 CMV chrome lines m4 ramps 10.5 inch

    Rainier stripped upper matching lower Tactical innovatios with rear detent capture and trigger stop.

    RRA lower parts kit with 2 stage trigger.

    MAID grip

    DD 9.5 fsp lite rail

    VLTOR mil spec receiver extension

    PRI |Front and rear sights

    Tango down QR stubbie fore grip

    SOPMOD rear stock..

    Magpul BAD lever

    Norgon ambi mag release

    Colt Carbine buffer.

    AAC blackout hider..

    Total wait 64 days.

    Built exactly what I wanted and runs awesome and is very accurate..

    Make one you wont be sorry...
    Have run the upper on a full auto lower and it really zipz...
  12. noveske makes a 10" .300blk. im still debating 8" or 10" after seeing a pic from Javelin. hes got an 8" noveske rogue hunter.
  13. If I had to go back and do it all over again....


    I like the compactness of the shorter barrels, they look more like their military counterparts, and they are more maneuverable in the competition shooting that I do. Also, since I rarely shoot at a range greater than 50-75 yards, there's not much benefit from a longer barrel.

    Here's a photo of my SBR's.

    Attached Files:

  14. I noticed you are in Beavercreek. Nice area. I drove through there several years ago while my wife and I were visiting her parents in Kettering. Keep warm. :supergrin:

    BTW, Nice assortment of SBRs.
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  15. Is the 5k build a parts gun, or converted from a pistol?
  16. That was my first SBR. I did a Form 1 on an MKE AT-94K pistol.
  17. Did you have any issues with it? I really want a k-PDW Navy, but I'm pretty sure the Navy barrel would have to be done with a custom build.
  18. Only issue I've had with it is that it comes with the FA bolt carrier block so I couldn't use a registered pack on it. As for having a PDW barrel on it, Curtis at S&H arms does a nice weld job where he puts the lugged/threaded end on the existing barrel, so you wouldn't have to go completely custom. Turnaround time is also fast.
  19. I couldn't care less about the sear block, as I will never buy a registered FA pack, due to cost. I'm more concerned about getting the type of barrel I want, and having the proper paddle release.
  20. Javelin

    Javelin Got Glock?
    Silver Member

    Having the 10.5" 300BLK for a while I recently picked up an 8" in 300BLK and I would recommend the 8" for the 300BLK platform. I had the whole 5.56 mentality going into my 300BLK adventures and insisted on a 10.5" Noveske which Noveske obliged. I didn't realize that the round is fully stabilized in a barrel as short as 6".... live and learn right?

    In all reality you don't gain much of anything with the extra 2" in the 10" barrel. But in the 8" you gain a much handier & lighter rifle. So that's how I ended up with two SBR'd 300BLK rifles. My girlfriend showed a lot of interest in 300BLK, didn't like my 10.5" 5.56 Noveske much because of the muzzle blast even when suppressed, so I guess with the extra 300BLK she will have something to shoot when we go to the range.

  21. thanks Javelin. that pretty much helps me decide between the two. i was leaning towards 8 but heard the optimum barrel length was 9" so i was debating either.

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