Saw this and thought about GT

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by mjkeat, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. :rofl::rofl:

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    You mean like these?





    Exactly what point does showing a pic of a broken gun prove? Anything can break.

  3. Angry Fist

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    Even the mighty Desert Eagle:

  4. Trolling OP is bad at trolling.

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  5. Saw this and thought about GT

    Funny, it made me think of your posts. :dunno:
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  6. Thank you gentlemen.
  7. fnfalman

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    Back in 1987, I saw a SW M686 snubbie with the top strap blown out and the cylinder was in halves.

    Of course this happened before the age of the intrawebz and digital cameras, so I don't have any proof to show. I hope that's OK.
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  8. oily_oink

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    Kaboom's happen to the best of 'em!

  9. PEC-Memphis

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    I've seen G17 slides crack, a G17 frame crack, various model breachface cracks and failed Glock compound recoil springs.
  10. Saw another Hi-Point choke to death today. That makes 4 for 4. Must be a coincidence.

    I understand not everyone believes they can afford to purchase a quality defensive handgun. I however strongly disagree. With a little perceived sacrifice over 1-2 months could easily be the difference. Stop splurging on things you think you need. McDs, cigs, chew, that extra pair of shoes, all those extra firearms, etc. There's a saying "fear the man with one firearm" for a reason.

    People, cheap should never be a deciding factor when choosing a defensive firearm.
  11. This is assuming the shooter is not dead from the unfortunate event.
  12. Angry Fist

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    I have wondered if a KB ever killed a shooter.
  13. Well actually not the forcing cone but I did cracked a S&W Model 19 frame just beneath the barrel. It is very thin there so weakest point. This was back in the 1970's and S&W fixed it. Well they replaced the frame.

    S&W brought out their L frame and stopped making K frame in 357 magnum. Today K frame 357 magnum, Model 19, 66, 13 and 65 bring a very good price in Gun Broker.

    So take very good care of yours Countrygun and your estate will appreciate the resale value.:whistling:
  14. I've always loved the k frame 357s. :)
  15. I was smart enough to put a couple back for a rainy day. But I enjoy having the 3"65 so much that I actually considered committing an atrocity and having it engraved, as a BBQ gun, and putting fancy grips on it "carved" holster. Then I came to my senses and realized that I live in Oregon and nobody knows how to throw a real BBQ in these parts anyway. It would be kind of "All dressed up and no place to go" .
  16. You should have it engraved and get fancy holster. Life is too short and you can't take it with you. If you do I will have a BBQ. My wife makes the best baby back ribs in Wyoming. She is too modest to say that but I do. Nobody argues after eating hers. We have a block party ever fall and the neighbors look forward to them.

    Now I don't have a fancy leather gun belt but I do have a Kimber Grand Raptor II and my mostly carry gun is a Kimber Carry Pro. The commander version of the Grand Raptor II.

    Make you a deal. If you do get all gussy up I will gussy up my leather gear. Then we wait for invite from other GT from Texas and maybe they will show up a proper BBQ. Until then Wyoming BBQ offer always good if your are ever coming through Wyoming.
  17. I've travelled to almost every State west of the Mississippi and most south of the Mason/Dixon, and I'd love to do it again.

    I am thinking of mammoth ivory grips, an El Paso carved "Tom Threepersons" type rig and about 80% coverage on the gun. OR the same thing on my old Kimber Compact stainless.

    Something like this for the holster (It's one of the last "carved' holsters to come out of the old Geo. Lawrence company)

  18. El Paso long time classic look. I have two Lawrence holsters for Ruger Blackhawk. The holsters still fit the six guns but the gun belt shrunk. I had a 28" waist then and didn't plan gaining weight!

    For pretty leather I like the looks of Tucker Gun Leather.

  19. I will say one thing, at least the owner of this handgun actually shot it.
  20. Nothing wrong with good ole high point, they sure are not pretty though.

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