Saw this and thought about GT

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by mjkeat, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. and all those here who recommended Hi-Point as a viable defensive handgun.


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  4. It is a viable defensive handgun, every manufacturer puts out bad product.
  5. don't break his heart by telling him about Glock Ka-booms, best he doesn't know.

    Didn't Ruger redhawks blow a few barrels off?

    I heard some S&W's had problems. Didn't some model 19 forcing cones crack?
  6. skeeter7

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    You had to go and let the cat outta the bag, didn't you? :tongueout:
  7. Nakanokalronin

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    Not 100% sure, but it looks like a .40 model. Sorry, but the .40 and blown up handguns are too common to fault Hi-Point on that one. Other calibers can do it too, but over the past 15 years of me making a mental tally of blown up handguns, the .40 has them all beat.
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  8. My Hi Point works fine. I never had an issue with it. I feel it's a viable option for someone who has a very tight budget. They are ugly and clunky, but they work. There are many guns in their price range that don't.

    By the way, Mike, HPs are built from the same materials that your beloved M&P22 is, plastic and zinc.
  9. Mike can't be reasoned with, my friend. :)

    He's a one trick pony.
  10. 12131

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    Preach it, brother.:supergrin:
  11. Bruce M

    Not sure if that physically hurt someone when it happened (hopefully not) but I bet it surprised whoever was there.
  12. I seriously doubt that it's Hi-Point's fault. Regardless, I bet they replaced the gun for free. They seem to have one of the best warranties in the industry.
  13. Never heard of Ruger Redhawks blowing barrels off, but I had a barrel break right where it screws into the receiver on a S&W 64.

    Guess we shouldn't count on S&W revolvers for self defense either.

    posted from my stupid smart phone, please excuse any spelling mistakes.
  14. I agree. If not, this will be a Low Point for Hi Point...:supergrin:
  15. Fred Hansen

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    A little J-B Weld, some duct tape, and one of those schticky thingies--to clean the shrapnel out of the shooter's face and eyeballs--and it's good to go!
  16. it way why they came out with the Super Redhawk . it turned out that the wrong "stuff" had been applied to the barrel threads
  17. wjv


    How many times have we told you. . . Guns and band-saws don't mix!!!!
  18. Jason D

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    I'm sure they would replace the gun. They do carry a life time warranty. Not my cup of tea, but not everyone can pluck down 1000 bucks for a gun. Even 500 is to much for some. Why should they be barred from self defense because they can't afford a Sig or whatever?

    High Points serve a purpose. For that I am glad.
  19. Paul53

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    Looks like it was hit with a light saber, or maybe someone mounted a laser vertically instead of horizontally.
  20. glock2740

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