Sandusky lawyers may use NBC tape "error" in appeal

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  2. Let them appeal. Their client was not found guilty due to the evidence brought forward. He is guilt as charged. If nbs screws up the tape, let them also face whatever legal consequences pertain to such. But as to their client, he is toast. Good.

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    So, the MSM is now making it a GOOD THING to talk to the media before one's trial?
  4. Consequences, sure, but not to them, and that's really all they care about. So they might need to censure or fire a junior editor or producer? Oh no, the horror. I'm sure that'll make them stop fanning the flames for the sake of ratings. :whistling:
  5. Hopefully people who are wronged by will and premeditated editing resulting in misinformation will be able to sue; such as Zimmerman.

  6. In this case, would you expect the State of Pennsylvania to sue NBC if Sandusky won his appeal on those grounds?

    NBC does this stuff repeatedly because the consequences to itself never outweigh the benefits.
  7. Sandusky will not win any appeal.

    True, the consequences for such "viewer grabbing" tactics have no impact on the billfolds of the major networks.... but such behavior with intent to mislead the public and misrepresent the statements of an individual for the good of the network or to discredit/harm of the individual should have consequences which deter such behavior.

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  8. The only realistic consequences are:
    1. People get offended by such tactics and tune away from the network
    2. Those affected sue for very large punative damages

    I'm very wary of large punative damages awarded in lawsuits. It's a very slippery slope we've already slid too far down.

    What are the chances the American people will start to turn away from such tactics, instead of rewarding them with increased interest?
  9. Slim and none because the majority of the American people are to stupid to know what is going on and would not think it was wrong if they did know what was going on..... obama got elected didn't he.


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