sanding down safety on trigger

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by RM686, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. This is exactly what I did with my first G17. Trigger hurt my finger just after a couple of shots. The second G17 I bought used, and it has never bothered me.

    In the photo below, you can see a little ramp like place in the trigger. That shows how much I took off. When the trigger is all the way back, the safety is flush with the trigger. Pain went away. I did it with a Dremel, and was very careful about it.


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  2. nice pic, thanks buddy

  3. I wouldn't dispute that for one second. I just said it's something I wouldn't do. For the record I don't think it's a good idea. But you are absolutely right: your gun, your choice. Also for the record, I don't think any of the other mods you listed above fall into the same category as a mod to one of the safety devices. Just my opinion. People do post opinions here. Take it for whatever you think it's worth.
  4. All things that can make a gun more user friendly. SJ 40
  5. For personal use I grind all my serrated triggers smooth and take enough off of the bar in the middle of the trigger that it is flush with the trigger when I pull it. I would imagine that Glock didn't intend for it to protrude when the trigger is depressed but tolerance wise it's safer to err on the "long" side rather than the possibility of the trigger safety being too short and the pistol not firing.
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    What is this Glock 19 used for? I doubt that it is for competition because it is a Glock 19, so why the really low trigger weight? It can't be for carry because of the lack of concern over the safety. Well I can't say what the hell it might be used for, but whatever it is, i'll bet dollars to donuts there will be a negligent discharge in the future.
  7. Warp


    I agree on all points.
  8. Reasoning is great but experiment is final! Thanks for making the effort.

    A further thought on this is that an impact might create, say, a 300G acceleration. That will push the trigger bar backwards with a lot of force. It will also push the firing pin backwards at the same time and so will reduce the friction between the cruciform and te firing pin lug. It is nice to know this all really does work.

  9. Plus One for all the advice and kudos on this thread. My G19 Gen 4 now has a trigger safety that pulls flush to the trigger. I used several long, slow swipes with a round file, then finished it with 400 and 600 grit paper.

    The trigger is soooo much more comfortable now, and works just like before.

    Thanks to all!
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  10. congrats E the B

    how did you toggle the trigger safety lever at the exact position, so that it didn't always dive inside the triggerblade when touching with the round file / grit paper?
  11. This was my point in an earlier post EXCEPT poster did NOT tape the safety back.Take your Glock back to the basement and check ONCE to ensure it is unloaded and do the same experiment WITHOUT the tape and see if it will discharge!! The poster I was referring to was dropping his to the floor which I don't believe is necessary. Let us know how this works out.
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    I would check more than ONCE to ensure that it is unloaded.
  13. I have NEVER had a gun re-load itself, When I drop a magazine and pull the slide back and look into the chamber of any of my firearms and they are empty, they seem to stay that way. You may jack a slide five or ten times and if you have a broken extractor, it in theory could leave a round in the chamber, but if you visually inspect the chamber and it is EMPTY it is going to STAY empty. This gun will be unloaded.
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    Checking more than once is about us being human and having the ability to make mistakes.

    Checking a gun multiple times, and both visually as well as physically, is common practice and is highly recommended...ESPECIALLY when you are about to engage in an activity specifically designed to see if the gun will fire.

    I just find some rather peculiar about emphasizing the suggestion to check "ONCE".
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  15. You go ahead. I don't feel like pounding on my gun anymore.
  16. I understand that not everyone feels comfortable disassembling their Glock lowers, but the trigger safety mod is much easier accomplished with the trigger/triggerbar removed from the pistol.
    This allows one to depress the safety from the opposite end, while working on the "offending" end of the safety, imho.
    You can "intermittently" check your work this way by depressing the safety from the opposite end without your booger finger in the way. Again, mho. This is how I did mine anyhoo.
    I did find, from past experience (this happened once), that by removing too much material at the "pivot point", that this can cause the safety to protrude out of the trigger to the front (spring forward). I might stay away from working that point too much when sanding/filing (or at least exercise some caution). Don't know if that makes sense.
    I do have an old "serrated" trigger that I modded this way where the safety "sprang forward" by filing to much in the above mentioned area, I can add pics of this "boo boo" at request.
    In any case, I like this mod. After all, after market triggers (many of them) correct this "oversight".
    As far as "lawyers" are concerned, mod away, as long as you do not change (in any way) the intended operation of any safety on any pistol. Again, mho. Thanks.
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  17. please post some pics of the trigger you filed/sanded off to much
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    Just buy another brand gun.
  19. I pulled the trigger out of my gun parts box and snapped some pics, and I realized that it was a serrated trigger that I modified into a "non-serrated trigger" as well, which may have contributed to the safety "springing forward". In any case, pic below.
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    You've taken a weapon that ran was great to begin with and molested it big time. If it still doesn't "feel good" to you, sanding isn't going to help.

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