sanding down safety on trigger

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by RM686, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. how do you determine the exact position the trigger safety lever in the middle of the trigger has to have before starting to sand / cut it down?

    how do you pin it in this defined position and then work on the safety lever in the middle of the trigger?

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  2. I have an M&P, and it isn't the bottom half, it's more like the bottom 2/3 or 3/4, which makes even less sense than the Glock. At least with the Glock you have the fig leaf of logic that the trigger must be pulled in the middle. With the M&P you don't even have that. But, the M&P doesn't hurt your finger after a few hundred rounds.

    Oh God, let's not start another M&P vs. Glock thread hijack.

  3. dkf


    I always smooth off the sharp mold parting line with some 1000-1500 grit emery paper. Sharp parting lines on both plastic or metal parts are kind of a pet peeve of mine.
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  5. I eye ball it,where the flat of the safety does not match the curve of the trigger. Sometimes it's not so much the shape of the safety as the parting line caused the mould that the safety came out of.
    I have seen some that were barely noticeable to the eye to some that in my mind should have never been installed in the first place.
    Some I have recently done and haven't stripped the lower.I have used a flat tooth pick behind the trigger safety while it is in place in the lower.
    The one that was so poorly moulded I used a Exacto #. 11 blade to carve off the parting line before I shaped it with the sandpaper,it's not that difficult once you have done the first one,good luck. SJ 40
  6. thanks a lot, SJ 40

    for the tooth-pick-method:
    does the trigger has to be in the fired or unfired position, if you don't wanna disassemble the whole thing?
  7. The Glock trigger safety is widely misunderstood. It is in fact one of three drop safeties. Without it, if the pistol was dropped on the rear of the slide the acceleration could make the trigger bar heavy enough to release the firing pin and fire the pistol as though the trigger had been pulled. In the same direction of acceleration, the trigger safety is ballanced about its mid point pivot and so is unaffected and continues to block the weight of the trigger bar, thus preventing the pistol from firing.

    The trigger safety has no function or design intention to prevent the trigger being pulled back by anything -finger, jacket toggle, shirt and so on - that is pressing against the trigger except in the rare event that something is pressing just against the trigger without pressing on the trigger safety.

  8. That's an interesting idea, and it makes mechanical sense. I really wonder, though, how realistic it is. Given how much pressure it takes to pull the trigger (overcoming the striker spring at its most compressed, compressing the striker block plunger against its spring, and the friction of the sear sliding off the striker under tension) and given the fairly small mass of the stamped trigger bar, could the sear actually be released this way even if the gun were to achieve terminal velocity and land squarely on the back of the slide on a concrete surface? Has it ever been tried? Or is it a lawyer mandated design feature to satisfy some import requirement or an imagined legal scenario?

    I'm almost tempted to go down and see if I can get the sear to release by pounding the back of the slide on my workbench with the trigger safety taped out of the way and (of course) the gun unloaded. But I'd rather not abuse my gun that way.
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    Yup! (Beat me to it!) :supergrin:
  10. Wasn't there a video posted a short while back showing that the Glock would discharge every time the guy dropped it squarely on the back end of the slide or the backside of the grip I don't remember which.
  11. Unfired,final sanding is easier in the fired position.

    SJ 40
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  12. Well, being a curious sort I just had to know. I took my Glock 19 Gen 4 down into the shop, taped the trigger safety to disable it, checked 5 times to make sure it was empty, set the trigger, and whacked the back of the slide with a mallet (rubber face on one side, plastic face on the other). I tried several times. To my surprise, if I hit it hard enough with the plastic face of the mallet I was able to get the trigger to pull and striker to fall. I got it to do it several times.

    I consider myself educated. Yes, the Glock trigger safety is needed and is good design. Thank you, English, for correcting me on this.

    As a side note, and more relevant to this thread, I would never modify the trigger safety or any other safety on any gun, especially one I keep in the nightstand or carry. Even if I thought the safety was a total waste (which up until a few minutes ago I did), I still would not touch it. I would be too concerned about legal issues in case of an AD or even an intentional self defense shooting. Even if it were just a range gun or competition gun I wouldn't do it. You can have an AD at the range or in competition as well as anywhere else. Even knowing that what is being discussed here will not affect the function of the trigger safety, and I do believe that, I still wouldn't do it. Once you have made any modification to a safety mechanism the deed is done, and you have given some slimy lawyer all he/she needs to crucify you.
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    Gaston is not so silly after all. Opened your eyes didn’t it. I wonder which engineer dropped the prototype and shot a hole in the ceiling. :supergrin:
  14. Roering

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    I'm in the minority here but I think the firing pin safety is pure genius. I even prefer to have it on a 1911.
  15. If done correctly you are not changing the safety or function of it in any way. It still works as designed all one is doing is cleaning off the moulding flash and sprue,which if the factory cared more than just get the units out the door the trigger safety wouldn't have in the first place. SJ 40
  16. thanks for the information, SJ 40

    i also think, if done correctly, the sanding is absolutely no issue and the trigger safety is not unsafer at all and functions to 100% like ment to be. you just tune the shape, not the function
  17. I already said that I understand and believe that what is being described here will not affect the function of the safety or make it less safe. That wasn't really my point.

    SCUMBAG LAWYER: Mr. SJ, did you or did you not modify in any way the trigger safety on your Glock pistol?

    SJ: Yes sir, but I only took off enough material to deburr the safety and make it more comfortable to shoot.

    SCUMBAG LAWYER: And what makes you so certain that what you did in irresponsibly removing material from the Glock designed and manufactured safety mechanism would not affect its function?

    SJ: Well, it's well known and has been thoroughly discussed on the Internet forum I participate in. Other than that, I thought about it and I couldn't see the harm.....

    And so on. Unless you're a Glock engineer you're not going to win.
  18. Alcoy

    i never thought of it before. i have to check when i get home.

    thanks for starting this thread.
  19. JBS


    I know what you are getting at dhgeyer, but could not resist.
  20. Wether some one undercuts their trigger guard,stipples their gun has the slide front serrated,installs night sights, shaves the parting line off their trigger is up to them. That is a decision each one has to make,you know that thing called free choice. SJ 40

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