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San Diego range/store recommendations

Discussion in 'California Glockers' started by alinc, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. alinc


    Feb 3, 2007
    Sorry if this has been done before. I searched "San Diego" and got 12 hits that were mostly in GNG/OAF and searched on the CA page with no hits.

    I'll be relocating to San Diego next month for a position with Customs & Border Protection. I intend on getting a CCW after I return from my federal training (mid-December). In the meantime, I'd like to find a place I can practice and try out different guns for my carry piece.

    My port is Otay Mesa and I'll be living... somewhere around there. I'm going right back to the east coast after the first month so I haven't put too much thought into it yet, but I'll likely end up in the Chula Vista area in 2008. I'd prefer a range that does memberships or charges by the visit instead of by the hour. As for the gun shop, low prices and variety are good.
  2. asgalindez

    asgalindez 10mm RULES!!!!!

    Hey! Ur gonna be in my neck-o' da woods!

    I haven't been into the "gun scene" long (still a n00b) so I haven't had too much experience with the shops around town. The shops I've been to with decent inventories are Turner's Outdoorsman off Clairemont, American Shooting Center (ASC), Discount Gun Mart (DGM), So.Cal. Gun off Convoy, El Cajon Gun Exchange, and California Police well as some of the smaller shops with not much inventory. All the shops seem fairly well stocked with rifles/shotguns.

    Variety is decent, depending on the shop and their firearms preferences. Some guns will be overpriced while some are great bargains. You just have to shop around and look for the best deal. Buying ammo sucks. 9mm is USUALLY on sale somewhere...45ACP SOMETIMES..10mm NEVER! Gotta keep looking for sales, or buy online.

    ASC and DGM are the only indoor ranges I've shot at. Both charge per visit - DGM charges hourly on weekends, and have memberships. No experience with any outdoor ranges in town. ASC and DGM have range rentals. Iron Sights in Oceanside is supposed to have A LOT of range rentals, but I've never been there - too far for a casual shooting trip!

    Google 'San Diego Gun Stores' for a list of shops.

  3. M4inCA

    M4inCA pho_kit_all

    Dec 24, 2006
    Southern Tip of the PRK
    Are you Customs or Boarder patrol. I would find out what your station CO will allow you to carry before diving into a BUG. Congrats on CBP! I'm waiting for my paperwork to be considered...

    At any rate, Discount guns is probably your best choice for the area, unless you want to travel to oceanside and hit up ironsights.

    Most all ranges out here are by the visit, not hour. HOWEVER, don't bother spending your money at the range when you can go the the CBP indoor qual range near the airport. Make sure you talk to fellow officers and the get address. If you're lucky, you can play in the shot house too.... :thumbsup:

    Hit us up when you arrive. :wavey:
  4. alinc


    Feb 3, 2007
    Surprisingly, CBP had the quickest turnaround time of all agencies I applied for. Initial app to offer took about 4 months, though I'm still being investigated. Good luck! Since I'm an Agriculture Specialist, I'll be sworn, uniformed, and unarmed. Here's hoping buffalo under tarps and crates of tomatoes are buffalo under tarps and crates of tomatoes. Anything I have will be strictly for off-duty purposes. I'll definitely be looking into CBP facilities but in case I don't get to use them, I want to know what else is out there.

    Thanks for the responses, asgalindez and jnojr.
  5. SomeDay


    Mar 15, 2005
    They do charge by the hoiur during peek hours (e.g. weekends). As far as outdoor ranges, there are a couple Gun and Rod clubs, but I think you have to be an active memeber of the clubs in order to shoot at their ranges. I prefer the American Shooting Center better than Discount Gun Mart, even though it is more expensive. I try to shop at Califoria Police Equipmetn, only because it is a family store.
    The Wally Worlds around here that are not attached to a mall all carry ammo (I typically go to the one on Aero Drive just north of the stadium).
    BTW, welcome to San Diego.